Tuesday, May 3, 2011

~~~ Walking around the yard, shots of BLOOMS!!!

This morning I decided to walk around our yard and snap some pics of all that is blooming. Also, tomorrow the driveway will be TORN UP so I might not be able to get around too well. But, I am so happy it is being replaced! Remember when the crane and the tree guys wrecked it? I YI YI!!!! Anyway, here we go! This is looking from the deck off the breakfast room towards the neighbor. 6 trees were taken down along the dividing line so we are getting alot more sun over here now!
 When my hubby built that bench we could sit out there caise the azaleas were tiny:) Now they are BIG!
 This is in front of the stone garage wall.
 The garage wall. That is a rhododendrom in the middle that will be blooming soon. See how TALL it is? They were all about a foot high when we put them in. Now they are all about 15 feet high!!!!
 The side of the house. The breakfast room deck is the lower one and the upper one is off our room.
 My hubby built all the window boxes again last year as the old ones were OLD! We stained them BLACK, and I love the contrast against the cedar wood siding.
 This is a ground cover: ajuga. It is blooming PROFUSELY right now. Joe will mow it when it is done blooming.
 close up of the flwer.
 See all these little fuzzy things on the ground and IN THE POND!!!! They RAIN out of the trees right now. I could sweep and blow the decks every 10 mins. if I was CRAZY!!!! I just do it every day:):) After I took these pics I also raked around the pond and it looks prettier!
 Orangy red azaleas. The HEAVY metal lantern is from Longwood several years ago. My hubby collects lanterns.
 The smaller lower pond.

 Lots of things coming up! VERY soon the rhodos will be blooming and it will be amazing!

 This is aqualegia or columbine. This one is pink and cream...
 and this one is white!

 We aslo CLEANED out the bird bath!!!!!

Once again, thanks for stopping by!!! XO, Pinky


  1. Pinky your property is just full of beautiful blooms, it sure is Spring in your neck of the woods, Enjoy all the beauty!! Kathysue

  2. Oh my gosh...... your yard and all the surroundings are gorgeous!!! Looks like a park!

  3. very nice! i should come do a photo shoot in your yard..lol
    dawn eby

  4. Very pretty Pinky!!! You have been busy!!

  5. Pinky,
    WoW!!! What an amazing yard!!! I can only imagine coffee on the deck in the morning sunlight. A vision to behold!

  6. Pinky, your yard is beautiful. What a nice view.

  7. Your gardens are lovely. Our azaleas are just starting to bloom, rhodies, not yet!
    You asked about the green glass chargers. I got them in the Lenox Outlet. They are made by Gorham.

  8. Beautiful garden dear Pinky!
    Enjoy in day.

  9. Your azaleas are too gorgeous....all that colour....reminds me of my late mom's gardens...she loved azaleas....
    Alas, we are hitting winter now in South Africa.
    Happy gardening.

  10. Your gardens are amazing! Everything is in full bloom!
    Happy Wednesday!
    E + J

  11. Gorgeous images Pinky. Beautiful gardens.

  12. No wonder you'd rather spend time outdoors,,, you have a park for a yard!!!! Absolutely gorgeous and so lush looking. um umm ummmm

  13. WOW Pinky, I don't even had a bloody daffodil for crying out loud. I'm jealous. big time : (
    Your yard is very lush and pretty.

  14. GORGEOUS!!! I'm so jealous how beautiful everything looks! Our window of opportunity for beautiful blooms is about a week...then it's nada from there on out.

  15. Your yard is gorgeous, Pinky. I love all your flowers, your azaleas are all so lush. Ours have bloomed out. I love the ajugas. I plant them in between our walking blocks. Why do you mow them? I am just curious....Christine

  16. Such a glorious yard. You're so smart to enjoy that which is right around you. Perhaps you'd like to link this post to Seasonal Sundays for Mother's Day.

    I appreciate your comment on my Royal Wedding Breakfast Part I and thought you might like to know that Part II is up now.

    - The Tablescaper

  17. Fantastic Pinky! I was just over your way and the azaleas were knocking me out! All the trees were blooming too...quite spectacular! Of course the pollen was at "extreme" levels! It is a sight to behold isn't it! Your yard looks marvelous!

  18. You have such beautiful grounds Pinky and I know how hard you work on them. Looking good there...just take it easy!

  19. Gorgeous place!
    Enjoy your weekend.


  20. Hi lovely lady. Your yard looks Beautiful Pinky. Looks like you have done a lot work sweet lady. I hope you had a Happy Mothers Day ~~
    xxoo Diane

  21. Pinky thanks for visiting today! Good to hear from you. I love your yard! Your azaleas are positively gorgeous but I also adore the ponds and the pretty landscaping. I like the very natural look. I have the ajugas too inbetween stepping stones near our heating and air units. I love it when they bloom. Glad I caught up with ya to see your pretty yard! Hope the driveway redo is done and looking better now.

  22. Miss Pinky Martini!?! OMGosh, I love it! I'm so glad you left me a comment today so I could come back to say hello. How wonderful was that name? I hope your married name is equally as fabulous or I would never have given that up ~ even for love! LOL!

    I am so happy to meet you! Thank you for the very nice compliment regarding my blog. I can see you are a gardener too. Your flowers look lovely. I love your Easter table with the chocolate bunny commanding the attention it deserves. I look forward to visiting again!


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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