Saturday, September 10, 2011

~~~A Tropical Dinner Party!!!~~~

Happy Saturday everyone. Yesterday I went over to my girlfriends house because she had asked me if I would set up for a dinner party she was having. I chose the theme, (tropical) and got the paper products, provided the tablecloths, runner, candlesticks, candles etc. So I will show you what we did. This centerpiece I have had for several years. I love the amazing different pieces in it! This is TRULY a "tropical" centerpiece!!!! It rests on a white tablecloth, then a dark brown tablecloth, then the woven rattan runner. I love all the texture the runner gave the table. I just saw that you have to click on alot of the pictures to get the full picture. some are cut off on the right side, sorry!!!!
 Then I placed my monkey candlesticks and 2 carved wooden candlesticks with sage green pillars on them.
 See thre monkey hugging the candlestick!?
 I just got these a few weeks ago. I had to go to 2 different TJMaax stores to get them. I saw the one, bought it and prayed my local TJ's would have another one, and it did!!! I LOOOOVE this candlestick. Right now it is sitting on MY dining room table for the dinner we are having for our daughter and SIL's first anniversary tonight!!!!!!

 We knew we were having ALOT of food so set up the plates, napkins and silverware on her kitchen table. They have a beautiful view out these big windows!
 I brought my black handled flatware and my brown bamboo flatware.
 These gorgeous PAPER plates and napkins I got from my dear friend and blogging buddy, Rett!!!!!! She sent them to me last year. I LOVE them and have plenty left over for use another time too!!!! Aren't they SO pretty!????

 I have had the little rattan votive holders for YEARS!!!! They have graced MANY tables over the years!!!!
 These are faux bamboo tealite holders.

 The cake sat here along with the desseet forks. Besides the cake we had chocolate cupckes that melted in your mouth and eclairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh honey!!!!

 Someone brought a GOOD fruit tray!

 Deviled eggs went fast!
 A cold string bean dish.

 2 kinds of Panera bread. SO good! I think I must have gained 5 lbs. last night:):)

 Sausages and peppers:):)
 This was a delicious potato casserole, YUMMY!!!!
 Then a pineapple dish to go with the baked ham! Sorry I didn't get a pic of the ham! As you can see we had TONS of GOOD food, and it was a great party!
 When I got home, Joe and I sat out on the front porch and THIS is what joined us! It is a grasshopper but maybe an albino grasshopper?????? It was VERY pale. I also took 2 pics without the flash and look how earrie they look!!!!!

So, now I ahve to go get dressed for MY party tonight. I will show you that tomorrow, IF I have any strength left:):):) Have a great night tonight everyone. I may be joining some of these great parties.
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XO, Pinky


  1. Pinky that table looked beautiful with lots of yummy looking food. Bet you all had a great time.

  2. I love the napkins and plates - they certainly don't look like they're made of paper in the pics. Great table display, Pinky, and your attention to thematic detail is amazing!
    Have fun at your own dinner party tonight!
    ~ Wendi ~ XO

  3. What a great table...your centerpiece was beautiful. I'm so hungry after seeing all those yummy food pictures. Have fun tonight!

  4. Lovely and very taste table, I lake it!

    A pleasant Sunday, kisses:)

  5. The centerpiece is gorgeous, the paper plates are so pretty and look like china. Beautiful table and delicious looking food!

  6. Oh, my goodness, Pinky, you are a wonderful friend! The table looks amazing and that is just the prettiest thing! Everything looks fantastic and I'm sure that food was as good as it looks!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Pinky- what a great table and what a great friend you are! That centerpiece is really lovely- I love all the different flowers and fruits in it. I have that same bread cutting board...I bought it at an art show from someone that made them- I think he was from Virginia..not sure. It all looked grand! You did a wonderful job and those plates are very attractive! Lucky lady!

  8. What a gorgeous table arrangement Pinky!
    Loving every little detail on that big beauty. Wow. You are amazing!

    Your spread looks so yummy.
    Hope you had a wonderful time and that your party goes smoothly and perfectly tonight!

  9. Thanks so much for visiting my new blog and becoming a follower! I've just checked out your blog and I must say, all that glorious food looks wonderul. The entire tablescape is beautiful. I am now following your blog too.

  10. What a perfect table for an amazing party! Food looks fabulous, I think I gained just by sitting here! Love the monkey candle holders!


  11. The square-edged black handed flatware is beautiful. Would you mind sharing the brand (I have been looking for flatware like this).

    Thank you.

  12. Would you mind sharing the brand of your flatware, please? It is beautiful...

  13. Would you mind sharing the brand of your flatware, please? It is beautiful...


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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