Sunday, August 4, 2013

~~~A Day in the Country!!!!!~~~

On Friday,  Joe and I took a little day trip. We drove up to Lititz, Pa. We have been there several times but not for quite awhile. It was a GORGEOUS day: mid 80's and very low humidity, a perfect summer day. I wanted to share some of the sights we saw. Lititz is a very old town in the heart of  Lancaster county. You all know that Yvonne of Stone Gable lives in the midst of beautiful Lancaster county. The rolling farmland is beautiful and there are so many BEAUTIFUL, big old homes. Here are some pics I took today. This is Main Street. There are shops and eateries all along here. That is Joe's car parked there:) And a peak of him on the left:):)

 All along the street the shops have done beautiful flowers too.
 This was the private yard of one of the shop owners. She would have given us a tour, (there was a pond etc.) but had to leave to take her daughter to an appointment:(

 We did alot of walking today.
 This neat old building caught my eye. I loved the little oval window there. Older homes have so many neat things and little nooks and crannies:)
 We didn't get ice cream but I HAD to get this shot since Joe's Mom's name was Isabelle.
 You could sit here to have your ice cream if you wanted.
 Wonderful log house!

 Beautiful jewelry and crafts in here.
 THIS was Joe's favorite shop......
 He saw THIS!!!! It is a COPPER counter top! Now he is thinking he might do this for the bar. The owner flies to Texas, rents a truck and goes to Mexico for the pieces he sells. There was alot of art work, statues etc. Plus he makes all the furniture himself! They can order any size copper counter top, so Joe got his card and is going to call him.
 This was the bar that is part of the Inn where we had lunch. We didn't sit in the bar, but the restaurant.
 This pretty fountain is at the main intersection.
 It is a memorial plot, with lots of pretty flowers.
 Here is where we had lunch.

 I had a pear and walnut salad with a poppy seed dressing that was delicious. Joe had the meatloaf sandwich.
 another picture of the copper bar top. (Joe had to go back and get some more pics:)
 This great car went by.
 And we went into the Sturgis pretzel factory but didn't get a pretzel, we were full from lunch!

 Just a PRETTY porch on someone's house. I loved that pretty green color.
On the way home, several hours later, we stopped at what used to be the historic Strasburg Inn. The restaurant is now called the Fireside Tavern.
 We sat outside and I had a glass of wine and Joe had a beer and we split an order of crab stuffed mushrooms! OMGoodness, they were fabulous! There was a wonderful breeze blowing.
 The little deck is under this huge tree.
 And this is the wonderful view! Fields of corn and other crops, buggies etc.
 The stuffed mushrooms. I am getting hungry just looking at the picture:) We didn't need any dinner tonight when we got home!
 Some Amish buggies going by. Thanks for coming along. It was a great day. I will be joining some of these great parties:


  1. This looks like just the kind of town J and I love to visit!

    Wonderful photos, Pinky!

  2. Pinky,
    What a wonderful day "get~away", dear friend!!!
    Your photos are amazing!!! Loved seeing all the buildings and the flower boxes. The cornfields are mesmerizing!
    Thanks for taking us along on your journey!!!

  3. What a pretty little town! I don't think we've been there but would love to see it in person.
    I just LOVE the copper bar top!! And that shop looks like it has a lot of things I'd love to see!
    Thanks for taking us with you on your little day trip.

  4. Lititz was voted the "Coolest Small Town in America" just this year! It was originally founded by the Moravians as a religious town and you had to belong to that church in order to own property there. Just a little history lesson ;-) Glad you enjoyed our beautiful corner of the world!

  5. What a great little town. I love places like that, so much charm. Would love to visit in person. Thanks for taking us on tour Yarlette

  6. This is an adorable little town. What a perfect place to spend the day. I love the red white and blue touches.


  7. Pinky, What beautiful countryside and I adore seeing the Amish buggies! Looks like a fun day in a quaint little town!

  8. Pinky~such a lovely visit through a quaint and charming village. You and Yvonne are both so lucky to live where you do.
    Thank you for sharing, I feel as if I was along for the journey too!

  9. What a cute town! It looks like the perfect place to walk around & roam. I love the copper counter. It's gorgeous!

  10. Oh my Pinky....we have been to Lititz and stayed at the General Sutter Inn! the chocolate factory still there? I remember driving into town it smelling like chocolate chip cookies!....and we have also stayed at the Strasburg Inn too!...I love, love that area!...I could live there!...thanks for bringing back the memories and so enjoyed meeting and spending time with Yvonne at Haven..she is so much fun to be with!! her!

  11. Oh what a fabulous town. I love all the buildings, shops and the wonderful homes. The countryside is so gorgeous too. Wish I was there. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  12. What a lovely little town! So many neat little shops and lovely scenery...Amish country is so beautiful. And those stuffed mushrooms look fantastic!

  13. That took me back a few years! We lived in Pennsylvania - in Chester County, in the 70's. I loved to go up to Lancaster County to shop in the grocery stores there. They had 'bulk bins' before anyone else ever did. What a delightful post.

  14. What a great little place! I love historic towns like this. It's so sweetly manicured.

  15. Cute town and looks like some cute shops and restaurants.

  16. Love the charm of small towns - especially country ones! I feel blessed to live in the country - would love to visit this lovely area. I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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