Monday, August 26, 2013

~~~The Making of an Arrangement~~~

Hi everyone. Today (Monday) is my birthday and I got some flowers! I bought the sunflowers and my girlfriend (who I share a birthday with) gave me the others. I also filled in with some flowers from my yard.  The first thing I did was chose my favorite cut glass vase. Then I make a grid on the top with florist tape to hold the flowers in place.

 Then I added the greens that came with the flowers for a base.
 sunflowers, gerber daisies
 ignore that packing tape in the background, Joe had it out and I didn't notice it til now:( Hydrangeas and zinnias from the yard
 I placed it on the breakfast room table to enjoy at mealtime. I can also see it every time I go into the kitchen.

 I apologize for this one, there was a FINGER PRINT on the lense, who the heck did that?????

 Flowers make me happy. Hope you had a good day too. We are meeting our best friends tonight for dinner and we had a wonderful brunch yesterday with our daughter and SIL. Love to you all, Pinky


  1. Pinky,
    I adore all the Summer hues in this color palette of floral choices. . .
    especially the Sunflowers!!!
    So~o~o glad your Birthday was a reflection of your beauty!!!

  2. A beautiful arrangement . . . I love all the colors!

  3. Pinky this is incredible!! Beautiful arrangement.

  4. What a beautiful arrangement you've created! I believe you know what you're doing! Hope you had an incredible birthday!

  5. What a beautiful arrangement Pinky! I had never seen clear floral tape, only the green. Hope your birthday was happy! :)


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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