Friday, August 30, 2013

~~~A MINI House Tour For You!!!~~~

Good morning! Every time I come down my stairs I think to myself, "I love seeing this view", so I decided YOU might like to see it too! Plus soon I will be redoing alot with FALL decor soon so I better share this now. This is a little picture heavy so grab a cup of something:)
 This is my living room/great room right off the kitchen. The kitchen is to the right. Joe made the wooden valances for me and I asked him to make them deep enough so that I could display some things. We don't have as much space to display things in this house.
 As you enter the room the fireplace is on the left. I love it right now, decorated for Summer but will be happy to decorate it for Fall too!!! Right now my blue and white collection is featured all over the place, in jars, pillows etc.
 The screen was my in-laws and it is gorgeous.
 I love how my bamboo ladder fits on this little wall just perfectly. And, we can still get to the darn thermostat. WHY do they put them in such a conspicuous place???? UGH!
 The tree is faux and was made by my BIL many years ago. It sits in my large blue and white fish bowl/planter. The LARGE jar is from my son. He had 2 in his shop and gave me one!!!!!!!!!!!
This chair was my son's also. It is a beautiful silk upholstery.

It rained last night as you can see on the screens:) And there is construction of a new house behind us.  Our view keeps changing as new homes are built. I LOVE our lot though, I feel like we are in a great place.
 I love, LOVE this handled pot. I found it many years ago so don't remember exactly where. The elephants came from Vietnam, my FIL was a pilot and they transported some of our troops during the war. My FIL was also a shopper and that is why I have so many wonderful things!
 The wooden elephants that are currently on the window sill came from India, via my FIL.
 When I first started collecting blue and white pieces, about 30 years ago, this vase was a gift from my friend, Nancy.
 The curio is filled with blue and white and Hummels.

 In this corner, soon I will have to bring my large hibiscus tree back in. And this is the mama elephant that goes with the others:)
 Here are some shots of the valances and some of the things displayed up there.

 The elephant lamps are from Africa or India, not sure. Oh and I see that you are getting a glimpse of my newest demijohn in the background:) for those of you who love demijohns:)

The orchid in the pot is not blooming right now so the leaves are real and the bloom is faux:):)
 I love this guy carrying the buckets. Another thng I inherited. These pieces are priceless to me. I saw them for so many years in my in-laws homes so now treasure each one. The lamp is one of my favorites and found it in a shop at the beach several years ago. The Buyers Choice Asian Lady is a special order gift from a dear friend, Barbara. I love it!

 The pot in the center with the arrangement in it is a faux shell.

 The green lantern was found at Home Goods several years ago and it has a flameless candle in it for night time.
I thought I would show you the steps from the other angle, looking back towards the front door. I never have shown them from here. That is the dining room that you see beyond the stairs.
 The rattan piece on the wall was found MANY years ago on a bus trip to Peddlers Village, Pa. I carried that and a huge basket around with me all day:):) I was alot younger then and we had just built our old house. I needed stuff:):)

 This is the hallway going back to the laundry room and the master bedroom.
 We brought the doorbell from the old house since I couldn't find another one like it. We just replaced this with a more neautral one for the old house.
 This picture came from Japan and is matted in bamboo!!!!!!!!
 and signed by the artist
 This one came from HG.:) Sorry about the glare:(
 And this was a gift from my friend, Lee.
 Another Home Goods purchase. I am thinking of painting the frame on this one.
 Thanks so much for your visit. I will be sharing at these parties. You can click over to any of them for wonderful inspiration!
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  1. Everything looks beautiful, Pinky!

  2. Oh Pinky, your home is gorgeous. I love it. So beautiful. Great pictures and your blue and white collection is fabulous. Hugs, marty

  3. Looks like you're all settled in now and everything has found a place in your home. I realy like your blue and white oriental pieces.

  4. Really pretty! I just love all of your blue & white!

  5. Pinky, your home is so beautiful! I just love all of your blue and white pieces. You have quite a collection!

  6. What a beautiful home, Pinky. Your antique pieces are just great. I felt such tranquility just from scrolling down the photos, and was so busy looking, I didn't even take a sip of my second cuppa! Very zen, Pinky, very very zen. xo

  7. Your house looks great Pinky, I am partial to Oriental things too and love your blue and White's amazing! Big hugs,

  8. Pinky, I love your home because it really reflects you! Look at those gorgeous windows!!!!! YOu have you home so tastefully and beautiful done from top to bottom and every detail is perfection! But the best part of your home is the warm hospitable feel whenever I visit!

  9. Pinky,
    I wold love coming down the stairs to that gorgeous view every morning, also, dear friend!!!
    You have done a marvelous job with all your blue & white decor!!!
    The heirloom pieces from family are what gives such comfort in one's home!
    Your art work is exquisite!!!
    I love the chair from your son...would look great in my living room!!!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us, dear friend!!!It is a beautiful reflection of you!!!

  10. Pinky, your home is so beautiful. I love the view from your windows and your b/w collection. It looks like you have beautiful light coming in..Happy Weekend..Judy

  11. Pinky....loved the have so many gorgeous collections that you so beautifully display...I love that you have such fabulous large must have the most fabulous light. I am sure you are having so much fun creating such a warm and inviting feel in your new home!!!

  12. Beautiful Pinky. I see so much love and beauty in your home. Thanks for sharing your lovely house. I hope you make the box for your table. xoxo Linda

  13. You have a beautiful home, Pinky. I love the fireplace and all your blue and white pottery ginger jars collection. Love all the Asian accessories!...Christine

  14. Pinky, you must be pinching yourself all the time. Your new place is just gorgeous. I adore your floors and your fireplace. Love all of the creative spots for displaying. You have done such a lovely job!

  15. Your home is just beautiful, Pinky! Your collections are wonderful, especially the ones that are from family. I think that was so clever to add wooden valances so you are able to display things.

  16. Pinky, just love your collections of blue and white jars. Thanks for having us over!

  17. Hi lovely lady.
    I know it's been a long time!! Your home is looking Beautiful I am loving your collection also. Hope you are doing well and are having fun in your new home..

  18. Beautiful view coming down the stairs Pinky! Joe is such a craftsman! Love your wood valances and that you can display on them!

  19. Your home is absolutely gorgeous. I will be featuring this tomorrow night at my Fall into Fall party that opens at 8pm EST. Please stop by and pick up an I've Been Featured button. Thanks.

  20. Hi Pinky! OH, your home is so stunning! Gorgeous. I love all of your blue and white pieces and your living room is just gorgeous! I've said that already, but it is! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. it is a beautiful room! I had to laugh at your comment about the thermostat. Mine is in a conspicuous place that not only ruins pictures but also temps the little grandson to fool with it. Ugh.

  22. Pinky, I knew that you had moved into a new home and now I'm glad I had a chance to see part of it. What wonderful collections you have, and I'm so impressed that your husband made those wooden valences! Everything is displayed so beautifully and I'm sure guests could look for hours at your fabulous items.

  23. Pinky, you are blessed with such a beautiful house, and so many great things you have collected!! I love all your blue and white, and the tree your son made is fabulous!!

  24. I meant the tree made by your BIL. Love the silk covered chair too!!

  25. Your home is lovely. I adore your blue and white collection. That stone fireplace is perfect.
    Thanks, Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  26. You are one of our top 3 most viewed links from Home{work} Wednesday and I'm featuring you on my fb page tomorrow! Congrats!

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  28. Looks beautiful! I collect the blue and white china and have it in my kitchen in cabinets. They are very large lighted above spaces in glass. Love the large jar! You should get the other one - need to have a pair! Thanks for sharing.

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