Friday, March 27, 2015

A Spring WELCOME!!!!

Yesterday was MUCH warmer than it has been so I got outside and decorated my front "porch". Oh how I miss my old front porch. But I do the best I can here now. I want to greet my neighbors and guests with a pretty welcome!!! I made this wreath with flowers from my stash and different egg picks that I had too! Also the forsythia stems were in my stash so this was FREE!!! Perfect!
 I then did my urn that sits by the door. Last week I found this curly willow at a garden center so grabbed a bunch.
 I then added the forsythia, some parrott tulips, an impatiens bush, and a daisy bush, all from my stash too!
 I have had this lovely lady for many years. I think I found her at CTS. I love her flowered collar and basket of pretty eggs.
 Her tiny friend decided to join in and hopped right up to the porch.
 She is very sparkly:)

 Some details of the wreath

 I also had one of these beautiful camellias so added that for the color.

 The temps have dropped drastically again but having the one day of Spring like temps was wonderful!!!! The sun even came out for a little while.  Happy Spring everyone, I hope it is warm where you are!
XO, Pinky
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  1. Pinky,
    The wreath is absolutely gorgeous, dear friend!!!
    I'd love to walk or drive by your home and see it all decked out for Easter & Spring!!!
    I love the height the curly willow adds to your planted urn!!!
    Cool, today. . .but Spring like temperatures return tomorrow and all through the weekend!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Pat! It is cold again here and tomorrow the HIGH is going to be MAYBE 40:( Ugh. Sick of this!

  2. Beautiful Pinky....what a way to welcome family and friends to your home with this very cheerful and gorgeous porch that ushers in the wonderful season of Spring! make the most fabulous wreaths and arrangements! Have a great weekend!

  3. Love your wreath & the bunnies are super cute!

  4. Still waiting for spring to arrive in my part of the country! Your entry is beautiful and your neighbors are very lucky to see your pretty welcome. Curly willow, you have my heart! Jane

  5. Sooooo pretty! I love it! I didn't do anything outside yet and if I had it would now be covered with snow!

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  7. Such a beautiful way to greet people to your home. A truly lovely entrance my friend xo


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