Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Adding Shells to my Decor for Summer

I have always wanted to live on the water: a beach (HA!), a lake or a river. I LOOOVE pontoon boats and would have one if I lived on the water. But that is not to be. But I have collected shells for over 35 years and have a large collection now. I have finally gotten them all placed around the house. Here we go! We are starting at the front door, looking at the stairway. I always have the candles and blue and white jars here and just added a group of shells this year.

 When you look to the left you see this little chest.
 I made the faux orchid arrangement several weeks ago, just added a few shells here.
 Going towards the great room, kitchen and breakfast room is this credenza.
 I added some starfish and shells here among the lamp and other décor items.
 I try to keep things at the right scale for a space too, so smaller shells are here.

 The fireplace got summarized a few weeks ago.

 I inherited this fisherman from my in-laws and LOVE it. I just got the new Japanese fishing float last week!!! Have been looking for one and thought this was the perfect spot for it.

 A small starfish leans against one of my jars. They sit on one of my TREASURED elephants from Vietnam.
 A coral embroidered pillow is on my favorite chair.
 2 coral colored, coral embroidered pillows are on the sofa.
 The coffee table vignette features some more shells and a shell embossed pillar and holder.

 In the master I placed 2 shells on our nightstands.

 Here we are in the dining room. I love, love this large faux clam shell and have FILLED it with more of my collection.
 Lots of shells and some real coral.

 I found these shell and driftwood candle holders at Home Goods several years ago.
 These cute little votive holders are ceramic.
 Looking from the foyer.
 My tiny little server got dressed up too.
 Some seaglass fills the bottom of the hurricane with a white candle. A shell and real coral sit with it.
 Back in the great room I added 2 starfish and some shells to the sofa table.
 On my round table I have this beautiful silver dish filled with shells.
 This was my Mother-in-laws so I treasure it too.

 On the kitchen bar I put a shell under a cloche and leaned a starfish on that.

I haven't taken you upstairs so that will come later. Thanks so much for your visit. Have a beautiful day. XO, Pinky
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  1. Oh have such a gorgeous collections of how you displayed them throughout your beautiful home!

  2. I love your collection of seashells and how it adds a touch of beach to your lovely home!!! Stay cool!

  3. Beautiful, Pinky! I love that large shell container. I know where I can get one and I think I will just go order it.

  4. Pinky,
    Oh, my goodness, dear friend. . .
    just when I thought I'd found a favorite shell to tell you about. . .
    you took us to another area of your lovely home filled with gorgeous shells!!!
    I love the unique shaped shell on the coffee table outside of the trayscape!!!
    Love, LOVE the starfish on the mantle!!!
    Love, LOVE, L O V E the shell beneath the cloche on the Kitchen bar!!!
    Thank you for sharing all of these amazing shells within your collection and your home!!!

  5. Such a lovely collection Pinky. They are arranged so perfectly. Love seeing your home. Have a fabulous weekend. xo

  6. You've managed to find such beautiful shells Pinky, and you've displayed them so nicely in your lovely home. Now we need to get that home moved to Pebble Beach California;).


  7. OMG! How I love to live with you Mrs. Pinky.
    Your Asian style is what I missed in my simple box.

    Thank you for reminding me the beauty of Asia.

    Happy Friday.

    Hugs from Stockholm

  8. I love the shell and seaside accents to your decor for summer Pinky! I'm still loving your jars lining your stairs!


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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