Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Decorating With Baskets!!!

Good morning!! We are home from vacation in OBX and although we had a FABULOUS time, I am glad to be home and back to normal. I will do a post and share SOME of the HUNDREDS of pictures of our sweet Colleen soon. Right now I want to share some of my basket collection. I have collected them for MANY years, and regret getting rid of some of them when we moved here.  But here is a sampling of what I have and how I use them in my décor. We are starting here on the hearth where a round basket tray is part of the vignette. Trays are SO versatile!!!
 Under one of the sofa tables I have 2 covered baskets
 Behind the screen I stacked 2 rattan plant stands and have another basket, on its side, next to that.
 In the breakfast room there are baskets on the walls and another covered one by the shelves. It holds fish food by the door to go outside.
 You have seen this wall many times, Joe made the hutch and I love having some of my baskets surrounding it.

 The large basket holding the bamboo sticks is a fishing basket.
 On top of my cabinets I have some pottery and some baskets.
 I found this very large basket many years ago and carted it all around for a day to bring it home.

 This is in my office
 and one wall of the office holds this large basket
 In the dining room I have a basket on each side of the hutch.

 Let's go upstairs. Over the guest room bed is this tobacco basket that right now is surrounded with a hydrangea garland
 Also upstairs is the bonus room. It has all my African décor which includes several baskets. Do you see the little dude in the basket above the broom?
 I like to put things IN the baskets:)

 On the coffee table is a basket holding some orbs and a candle and a beautiful handmade basket from Africa.

 The basket here on the stereo cabinet is actually paper mache, it LOOKS like heavy pottery but it light as a feather!!
 In the master I have some baskets too.

 Back in the kitchen is this great basket over one of the pantries.
 and a collection of baskets surround the fan window in the breakfast room.
 So that's most of my basket collection. Do you use baskets in your décor? I want to also wish you all a very happy holiday weekend. Be safe and remember to be thankful to all our service men and women for all the sacrifices they make to keep us safe. God bless America!!! XO, Pinky
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  1. I have always loved baskets. In my first apartment, they were a cheap and stylish way to decorate my walls and I guess I have never looked back (I am sure I have multiples in every room). You have a fabulous collection and they look so pretty in all of your rooms. Glad to hear you had a nice vacation, too! Jane

  2. Pinky,
    I adore your collection of baskets, dear friend!!!
    They bring a unique texture to each arrangement and setting in your lovely home!!!
    Most of my baskets have been donated to the Thrift Shop.
    Country baskets, that is. . .I've kept a few others.
    Thank you for sharing how versatile baskets can be in one's home decor!!!

  3. I never realized just how many baskets you have Pinky...they are all so pretty and you use them in such a beautiful way in your have quite an amazing collection!...

  4. Wow, Pinky, you have such unique and varied baskets! Your displays are just awesome, you have quite the collection there! Happy 4th!

  5. Pinky, you turn baskets into a work of art! LOVE them and your house!

  6. Amazing Pinky. What a beautiful collection. I just love the creative ways you display them in your beautiful home.

  7. So creative...thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!

  8. I love your unique basket collection! Thanks for linking up with us at Idea Box!


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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