Wednesday, August 12, 2015

~~~Limelight Hydrangeas and Beautiful Zinnias!~~~

The limelight hydrangeas are at their peek right now so I thought I would share them. The blossoms are so beautiful and HUGE! I love the color and how they hold up. I cut some to bring inside to enjoy too. They start out the light lime color then turn creamy white.

 This is a hydrangea TREE, that we got the first summer we were here. I just love it!

 I have 3 bushes and the tree. This one by the garage was about 2 feet tall and now has doubled in size!
 This is my neighbors bush, right behind us. She prunes it almost all the way to the ground and look how big it gets!!! It is funny that her blooms are not at the same place as mine, not at peek yet.
 Here are some shots of my zinnias. I just love these happy flowers! They are beautiful cut, for an arrangement too.
 The colors are so vibrant.

 The shapes are somewhat different too.
 This was one little flower from a 6 pack in the Spring. Now it is like a small bush:)

 LOVE this orange color!

 It is amazing that they start like this and bloom so beautifully! Mother Nature at her best!

 I have them all along this side of the house. You see this side as you drive down the street so I like to have it very colorful. The zinnia and marigold combination is also beautiful in the Fall!!!
Thanks for visiting. My Joe is 2 weeks out from his surgery and doing great!!!
XO, Pinky
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  1. Hi Pinky! First of all I'm so happy Joe is doing so well. Probably has a lot to do with your nursing! :) Now your hydrangeas are just beautiful! I do believe you have a green green thumb. All of your flowers are so pretty!
    Take care of yourself too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. That does it! I'm gonna get me some hydrangeas for sure. Beautiful!

    (Glad Joe is better).

  3. Oh your hydrangeas are just heavenly! I adore them! Mimi xxx

  4. Such beautiful pictures! Everything looks so pretty!!

  5. Pinky,
    Gorgeous hydrangea and zinnias, dear friend!!!
    I adore your "limelight" hue!!!
    So~o~o glad to hear that Joe is doing well!!!

  6. Your flowers are gorgeous...and hydrangeas are my favorite! Sheila

  7. Glad to hear Joe is doing well. I love my limelights too. I whacked three of mine down to about 1 ft. tall last fall and they grew like crazy and seem just as big as they were last year! They seem to be a forgiving plant. Love the perky zinnias!!

  8. So glad to hear Joe is progressing right along. Give him my regards and tell him that he has the BEST nursing care in the world. You have featured two of my favorite flowers. I really messed up pruning my hydrangeas and have only one lonely bloom. Any tips would be appreciated!

  9. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous Pinky. I am convinced this is the one we need to plant here. I love the zinnias too.

  10. Pinky, Your zinnias are glorious and your hydrangeas are heavenly! I planted zinnias down the side of my house this year too. I am so glad that I did. Even though it has been on the dry side this year they are still doing very well.

    I do hope you can stop by to visit my blog in the next day or so and leave a comment, I am celebrating my second blog anniversary with a fall table linens give-away and the winner will be announced Thursday on my August 20th tablescape post. Have a wonderful evening..... Candy

  11. Oh they all look so pretty and what beautiful colors!

  12. Pinky,

    Your zinnias are BEAUTIFUL! Love the hydrangea tree, too!

    Happy day friend!

  13. Your limelights and zinnias are so pretty, Pinky! Mine are full of blooms too which is nice since a lot of my perennial beds are looking's been so dry this month.
    Mary Alice


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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