Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Fall Kitchen Vignette

I admit, I have almost all my Fall décor INSIDE done. I know, some of you may think I am rushing the season, especially with the 90 degree temps we are having. But, I gave myself permission last Tues. to get it done! I am going to share things slowly so am starting today with one little kitchen vignette. This clay pumpkin came from Kirklands last year. I really like the stem and the organic look of it.
 This pumpkin is also clay and a nice dark brown. I found it at Tuesday Morning several years ago.
 I have this wonderful metal cloche with base and decided to fill it with faux acorns and pinecones for Fall.

 These faux acorns are all different and original.
 I also mixed in a few dried artichokes that I had in my stash.
 and pinecones too. They are not just for Christmas!!!
 Some berry/acorn stems are tucked inside too.
 I placed the larger brown pumpkin on a metal stand to raise it a little.

 This is a new for me look in the kitchen. Often I do a runner and counterscape on this counter but wanted something different for Fall. At least for now:)
I hope you have a beautiful day.
Thanks for your visit. I truly appreciate it and every comment too.
XO, Pinky
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  1. Hi Pinky! If you are ready for fall, I say go for it. Your counter looks lovely - what is it about pumpkins and acorns that is always so charming? I am ready to start adding fall now, too. Our heat wave is coming to an end and cooler temps are on the way. Jane

    1. Asoon as we get through the next 2 days our temps are supposed to go down to NORMAL:) It has been crazy hot for awhile!

  2. Pinky,
    Gorgeous Autumnal Kitchen Vignette, dear friend!!!
    LOVE how you've used your wire cloche!!!
    The multiple textures of the acorns are spectacular mixed together!!!
    Thanks for sharing and inspiring!!!

  3. What is it about autumn that we just can't get enough! I love the wire cloche vignette and the pretty pumpkins too.

  4. have been busy...loving the Fall decor....I have just begun....You being you, we just may see some things changing out as your creative mind is always working!! Beautiful vignette Pinky!

  5. Lovely fall decor! We didn't have much heat in August, so I am still relishing the sun and warmth ,but I will soon be putting out fall!

  6. Love the cloche and pumpkins. It's so nice how many different kinds of pumpkins are available these days. Great textures and colors. I just put my toe in the water will fall decorating. Stop on by!

  7. Oh, I definitely don't think you are too early, Pinky! Mine is almost finished, too, and we are still hovering around 100-103 degrees. If I actually waited for the temps to go down, I would be pulling out the Fall decor just in time for Thanksgiving and immediately packing them away to pull out the Christmas decor! I'm seeing little glimpses of your other Fall decor in the background of your lovely vignette and can't wait to see more!

  8. You are looking very "fall" at your house. Today we had a cool, grey, rainy day. Boohoo. Too fall.

  9. I really like your Fall touches in the kitchen, Pinky! I'm a firm believer that you can never have too many pumpkins this time of year.....real or not!


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