Monday, September 7, 2015

A Few Sneak Peeks at my Fall Decor!

Good morning and happy Labor Day! Labor day signals the end of summer but Fall doesn't actually start til Sept. 23rd. Now, who can wait til then to bring some Fall into our homes?? I know I can't. So on Sept. 1 I gave myself permission to start putting all the summer décor away and bring in Fall! Even though it was in the 90's all last week it was Fall inside! Fall is my favorite season, especially for decorating both inside and out! So, here are a few little peeks at what I have been up to. Full reveals coming soon!!!! This is one of my favorite faux pumpkins, it moves around to a different spot each year:)
 I made an arrangement
 A new spot for Fall decorating this year!!!
 I love, LOVE blue and white combined with orange!!! They are complimentary colors and go SO well together.
 Love this neat acorn
 This guy has a battery tea light inside
 some garlands have been placed all over....
 Some new jute pumpkins!
 and a new runner!!!!
As I said I will share all the reveals real soon so please come back!!! I will be partying here:


  1. It's looking fallishly beautiful, Pinky!

  2. Very pretty Pinky. You have some cute pumpkins. Love the sunflower arrangement. xo

  3. Pinky,
    Amazing "sneak peeks", dear friend!!!
    I agree that last week was "the Week" for floral arranging!!!
    Your florist touch is superbly shown throughout your lovely home!!!
    The dried orange slices with your blue and white jars is stunning!!!
    Thank you for sharing and always inspiring!!!

  4. Love your sneak peeks..and I am using lots of blue and white in my fall decor too! certainly have got a great head start to Fall!!

  5. Ok...gotta get some orange with my blue and white! Last Christmas I used red with m blue and white for the first time. I can't believe i had never tried red,...and now the same thing with orange! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. I just love how you add a simple touch of fall to your home. Simply lovely!!! TFS

  7. Love the acorn! Where did you get it?

    1. Oh dear, I am not sure. I have been collecting different acorns for a few years. Sorry I can't remember:(


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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