Thursday, April 5, 2018

I Finally Found One...well Another One!!!

I have been stalking the aisles of Home Goods for MONTHS. I have 3 stores that I go to regularly but have come up dry every visit. SO, I finally went to the internet and found JUST what I was looking for and for less than I could have imagined. I was prepared to pay more so feel very fortunate that I found this! As I said, I have 2 others, but wanted another and you'll see why soon. Here it is! A new blue and white garden stool.
 I wanted to get another one to balance the look of the fireplace as I have one on the other side.
 I just love the design!
 This is the one on the other side. I may get another pothos plant for the new one.
 I really like the more balanced look.

 For now I placed one of my favorite containers that has a faux fern it it. I love this handled container that I have had for years.

 I have packed away all the bunnies that were Easter bunnies but have left these here on the mantle and hearth. I will change this area a little later in the Spring.

Thanks for your visit! I am lightening up and paring down for the Spring and summer. For this girl, that is hard as I love to be surrounded by the things I love:) I hope you have a wonderful, SPRING day. We may get SNOW this weekend. THAT does NOT make me happy!!!
XO, Pinky

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    1. Amazon, here is th link:

  2. It is gorgeous Pinky, love the two on each side of the fireplace.

  3. Way to hang in there!!!!! It looks great! I just saw that we are getting another Home Goods in the fall of this year. Hooray! Now I’ll have FIVE within 25 miles!!! Like you, I hit ‘em over and over in hopes of finding “just one more” of things! Congratulations!!!

  4. Where there's a will, there's a glad you found one! Looks beautiful Pinky!!!

  5. Lovely Pinky. So glad you found one. xo

  6. Hi Penny! Your new garden stool was worth the wait - it looks perfect. I heard someone say today was January 74th, lol. I think that sums up this spring! Single digit temps tonight for us....brrrr. Stay cozy! Jane

  7. Oops! Darned auto correct - I meant to say Hi Pinky!!!!!!


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