Sunday, June 17, 2012

~~~Father's Day, 2012~~~

 Good Sunday evening and I hope ALL the Father's out there had a great day!!!! Yesterday Joe and I went shopping for his NEW GRILL. I had promised it to him at Christmas but he wanted to wait til now when they went on sale. And they did!!!! This is a BIG GUY. Joe decided to start putting it together in the garage. Boxes and packing all over the NICE< CLEAN garage!!!
"Are you really taking pictures of this"?:):)
 When it was partially put together Joe and Dave got it out to the deck. This deck is off the breakfast room.
 Dave is getting our old grill, for their new house. He spent a long time cleaning it all up today!
 Isn't she a beauty???? If you think a grill can be a beauty!!!
 It even came with a griddle. Pancakes, anyone???
 It has "infrared heating". I do have to say our "fat hamburgers" came out better than ever!!!!!
 Here is Joe making the fat hamburgers. Last night he decided on the menu he wanted for today. He chose these to honor his Father. His Dad always made these. They are like little, mini meatloaves. Excuse the DRILL in the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!! He brought it in and put it HERE?????:):)
 For every pound of hamburger, you mix in 1 egg, 1/2 a cup of breadcrumbs, some Worchestershire, 1/2 a Tbls. of garlic powder and LOTS of diced onions!!!! Form into LARGE patties and grill!!!!
 A little over 2 pounds of meat made 6 large burgers.

 We just LOVE these Bush's grillin beans. (I am not compensated to say this). We really DO love them!
 This is the card that Dave got from his 2 "kids", (the dogs):):) Hope you can read it. I thought it was so cute!
 But we still think you are the BEST DADDY a dog could have.
 The beans cooking on the side burner.

 There are 2 window boxes on this deck. The impatiens are doing great!

 He is happy with his new grill. I am happy he is happy!!!!!
 These look awful I know but are delicious!!! They are called black onion jam. Joe had them in one of our favorite restaurants and the chef gave him the recipe! They were yummy. Joe put them on his burger. I just eat them:):)
 We also had potato salad and fruit salad.
It was a beautiful day here. Joe was happy to out the grill together and cook on it for dinner. Hope you all had a great weekend too. Thank for your visit. XO, Pinky
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  1. What an awesome grill! I have had a hankering lately for breakfast on the grill like my parents used to make when I was little. This one would cook up a wonderful one.

    He looks like one happy camper!

  2. Pinky,
    I'd this is one Father's Day that will go down in Joe's history book!!! That smile on his face speaks volumes!!! My dad use to make a similar burger...ours used oatmeal instead of bread crumbs, but the photo looked identical! Now pancakes...count me in, dear friend!!!

  3. The new grill is a beauty and your hubby looks like he's lovin' it! I'm sure he only has one question... how'd those flowers sneak into this post? Enjoy:@)

  4. What a darling post Pinky! Joe looks so proud! I see there is so much room on that grill for extra! We will be right over the next time you grill!
    You are about all things new this year!
    Love you!

  5. Your burgers look great and that grill is impressive. So nice your SIL helped and is getting the old one. I am sure they will enjoy it. xo

  6. What a great grill! I know Joe will love cooking on it. And Dave will enjoy your old one.
    Those hamburgers brought back lots of fond memories, too. And we LOVE Bush's Grillin' Beans . . . and that one is our favorite.
    I also love Dave's card . . . so cute.
    Love you!

  7. Hi Pinky,

    What a sweet post this is!!!
    Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog about the coop.
    You can't beat the blog network especially with lovely people like you!! Thank you!!


  8. YUM!! He makes burgers like my hubs! We love Bush's beans too & potato salad is one of my faves!

  9. Fantastic new grill!! Joe looks like one happy man! I know you will enjoy many great meals on it!! Great to know you stopped by, Pinky!

  10. Well, he looks like a very happy griller!...Glad you had a great Father's Day with the family....and I love the Grillin' Beans too!!!

  11. That grill is awesome and those burgers look like something my guys would LOVE!



  12. What a nice grill! My hubby would die for one like that.He does love his grill pit though and loves cooking on it. Thanks for checking out my entryway. I always appreciate your sweet comments! I hope you sell your house sure is beautiful! Kristen

  13. I do believe a grill can be beautiful and that one is a beauty! What a happy Dad! That happy face just makes it all worth it, so cute!

  14. That looks like a fabulous grill. I'm going to pin the fat burger recipe...looks and sounds good. We are "grillin' beans" fans too. In fact, I have a can sitting in my pantry.
    Isn't it funny where men lay there tools? Just the first landing spot they see I guess.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  15. Yes, that grill really IS a beauty! What guy wouldn't love that?! Your husband is like mine in that he likes to cook. Yay! Isn't that a great trait to have in a man? Sounds like your hubby had a wonderful day and that is how it should be. Btw, we love those Bush's grillin beans too. I always have them in the cabinet.

  16. Oh he looks so happy with that fab grill!! Thanks for sharing the burger recipe I need to try that, and I would love the black onion jam recipe. Looks like my kind of yummy!

  17. Thanks my friend, for all of your support!

  18. Hi Pinky, Your new grill is amazing and so is your wonderful guy for doing all that yummy cooking!!!! When we were young we purchased a grill that had to be assembled, and I'm telling you--that will go down in history as one of the worst days of our marriage. I think if we survived the grill war we can weather just about any crisis. Your house is beautiful! Linda


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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