Saturday, June 16, 2012

~~~"SHOWING" off my Living Room!!!~~~

 Happy Saturday everyone! This morning we had a "showing" of the house, so last night I went out and cut some hydrangeas for the living room. They are PROLIFIC bloomers and I have 10 bushes so plenty to cut!!! I LOVE them. And since I have a collection of blue and cream pillows on the sofa they are the perfect accent.
 What a beautiful welcome. The day is PERFECT today, sunny but NOT too hot.
 This is MY kind of weather.  You can see out to the back deck here and that is my FAVORITE place to be.
 We turn ALL the lights in the house on for a showing, as the realtor suggested. It is weird to have lights on with the sun shining brightly but, OK.
 I love the big mop heads of these flowers.

 The mantle is lit too. The carved wooden lanterns came from India. I had always admired them at my in-laws and LOVE that I got to inherit them.
 I ahve MOST of my blue and white collection of jars etc. packed away. It was suggested so that nothing really valuable got broken.

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend. Thanks so much for your visit. XO, Pinky


  1. Hi darling, your living room is gorgeous. Your flowers showcase very well with the accents of your pillows... keeping fingers crossed for you.. hugs ~lynne~

  2. Beautiful Pinky! I love the blue and white with my very favorite sofa in the whole world. Your home is just gorgeous! I love coming over... you always make me feel right at home! I know who ever gets your home will have a gem!!!!

  3. Looks gorgeous Pinky!

    Love those blue hydrangeas.

    All the best in your sale!

  4. It looks beautiful! I don't know why anyone wouldn't want that home.

  5. So beautiful! It should easily sell, Pinky. Good luck!

  6. Just gorgeous Pinky..I would buy it inmediately if I was looking!! The hydrangeas are so beautiful.

  7. It looks fabulous!!!! Good luck!

  8. Pinky,
    You have such a lovely living room to show off, too, dear friend! It looks so warm and inviting...comfortable and well cared for! The hydrangeas on the coffee table are truly the crowning touch! The accent lighting on the mantle is stunning!!! I'm still hoping you'll be receiving "great news" this coming week!

  9. Your home is gorgeous......the blue flowers are the perfect touch to a beautiful room.
    Best of luck on the sale of your home.

  10. Hi Pinky, Your living room looks awesome. The hydrangeas look perfect with the pillows and all your blue and white ware.
    Praying for a quick sale.
    Hugs, Ginger

  11. Hi Pinky! Your living room is so beautiful! Those hydrangeas are just stunning and look so beautiful. Looks like a designer did your room! ;)
    Good luck and hope it sells fast for you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Your living rooom is FABULOUS. Just beautiful. I pinned it, too. :)

  13. Gorgeous! I love it and especially the blue accents since blue is my favorite color! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  14. It looks gorgeous. I love the blue accents.

  15. Pinky, the living room looks so warm and welcoming. I think it should be easy for potential buyers to imagine this space as their own. The hydrangeas are a really nice touch.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  16. Hydrangeas just make me happy! I love all your bushes and how wonderful that you can just walk out and cut them! I would turn on all the lights and for an hour or two before the showing, I would light the yummiest creme brulee candle! Oh the things we do! Have you buried a St. Joseph statue yet? We always do. He is upside down facing the house! Sending prayers for a quick sale your way!

  17. Gorgeous all your blue and white...Hope you had much success on your open house!

  18. Your hydrangeas are beautiful! And you staged your home very nicely. I hope you share your new home as soon as you can. How exciting to be getting everything new! Thanks for visiting and I am following you now. Patty

  19. Pinky, the living room looks great! Your blue and white looks so fresh; and the hydrangeas are the perfect accent! Wishing you a quick sale!

  20. I would insist on buying your home FURnished, Pinky!
    It looks awesome!
    I am sure your realtor must be thrilled to sell it since it shows so well.
    Your blue and white porcelains are just stunning.

    Happy Sunday!

  21. Your living room is beautiful and the flowers are amazing!


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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