Sunday, July 29, 2012

Framing Delivered!!!! And, redoing garden beds

 Hi everyone! I am quite excited because on Friday I went by the lot and the framing is all delivered and the construction manager said they will lay the steel beams and begin framing TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO, it is moving along! There is ALOT of wood do be put up.
 The garage is poured.
 These are the steel beams that will hold the house up:)

 Back at home, Joe has been working on redoing aot of the beds that were messed up for the septsystem. He redid this circle in the back, moved an azalea from another spot and transplanted some ferns from other spots. Then we put some impatiens around the circle for some color.
 The tip of this bed is where that azalea was. It had to go for the septic pipes.
 Back by the house Joe added some ferns and hostas.
 That same spot, looking down from the deck. See all the leaves that are falling? It is like FALL here but too darn HOT!!!!
I am PRAYING that someone will come LOOK and the house soon. It is TOO QUIET here. We need people to come and fall in love and buy..... Til next time, XO, Pinky
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  1. I've heard that a lot of people make moves just before school starts -- keeping my fingers crossed for you!


  2. Pinky,
    You and Joe are going to wear yourselves out with re~doing all the destruction done by the Septic installers! So~o~o thrilled that your new home is progressing...and I'll continue praying for a buyer to come along, soon!!!

  3. Looks like things are moving along quickly!!!
    So, have you buried St. Francis?....

  4. Oh how exciting. I love to watch a house go up. Hugs, Marty

  5. Sending lots of prayers your way to sell your house! All that going on at your new place is so exciting!

  6. I know you're on "pins and needles" waiting for that special person to come along to buy your home. Be patient, it will happen, when you least expect it! Try to relax. It Will Happen!

  7. I had 17 " Framing Delivered" day so I do know the excitement that arrives with it.. One day soon, you'll be decorating so enjoy every step between now and then.

  8. Good Luck with the sale of your home. I know it's hard "waiting" for it to happen. We've moved several times for my hubbys job and it's a pain. It's so exciting to build from scratch!

  9. Things are looking better in your yard. I hope someone comes soon and buys it!
    It's St. Joseph that you bury but it's the prayer and faith that make it work: Ask for his help, believe & trust in him, bury or place him as sign of your belief, thank him for responding to your call....before, during and after granting your favor.
    I'll be praying to him!
    Your new home is moving right along!

  10. How exciting to see the new house coming together! Keep my fingers crossed for a quick sale!

  11. Hoping that your house sells soon and you can move on to your new place! Have a fabulous week! Angie xo

  12. Framing is always my favorite because it goes up so fast and you can finally see what it is going to be like! How exciting for you guys.

  13. Hi Pinky,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog,

    About the upcycled Patron soap dispensers. I have an Etsy shop here:

    For a custom one it would be $36+$10 shipping. As you can see I can do different designs as well. If you are interested you can e-mail me at or message me through my Etsy shop:)


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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