Thursday, July 12, 2012

~~~My New Find!!!~~~

 Hi everyone! I was out the other day, just browsing....HA!.. and found this wonderful bottle/vase! It came from TJMaxx. I just loved it and since all my bud vases are packed I HAD to buy it, right??? I mean I had this lily in a kitchen glass for heaven sake!!!  I love the rattan wrapping on it.  I think it could be used in so many ways. I put it on the coffee table in the living room so the HEAVENLY scent would be in there.
 It sits next to my faux hydrangea arrangement that I made severeal years ago. I wish I could find a SMALL urn like the one I did it in to do a tutorial for you!
 When I cut this lily some of the buds were JUST starting to open. In my haste I forgot to take the tag off the bottle:)
      Isn't God's artwork just amazing????
 Today all 5 flowers are open and the scent it just amazing. I sit on the sofa to read and am surrounded by the perfume of the lillies.

I will join Marty for Table Top Tuesday @ A Stroll Thur Life  Thanks for stopping by!!! Have a great weekend everyone. On another note they are still working on the new septic system but think they will be done by the end of today.......................I doubt it:):) XO, Pinky


  1. Your lily is gorgeous. Our flowers look so sad. The Russian Sage is thriving though.:-) I'll have to remember it seems to be drought resistant, when do plantings at our next home.

    I like your new vase. I would have brought it home too. Although I'm trying not to bring anything home, for the "duration".:-)

  2. Pinky,
    Wow! A great find, dear friend!!! So glad you brought it home! It is perfect for the single stemmed lily! Gorgeous plant and I can only imagine the aroma in your home...heavenly, I'm sure!

  3. Oh how beautiful!!! Makes me want to go out and find something just like yours...... No TJ Maxx here in our small town..... just Tuesday Morning.... I must go and investigate.

  4. Love the bottle! It kind of looks like a demi-john -- that whole rattan-covered bottle or vase-thing is so popular right now. The lillies are gorgeous! I don't really know much about lillies, but are those Star Gazers? I can almost smell!

  5. Love that vase!!!!...Your flowers are beautiful...Have always admired your gorgeous yard...! Have a great weekend Pinky...hope there is lots of progress on the new house!

  6. Pinky, thank you for dropping by. You and I can relate to each other...moving is not fun at all. I hope that you are able to sell your home. I had a septic system when I lived in CA. The leach (sp?) lines were everywhere. Sorry you had to put a new one in. They are expensive! Your new vase is cute. I am trying not to buy anything new as I still haven't packed most of my dishes. Best of luck in your new adventure -- so fun that the footings have been poured. Joni

  7. Pinky, Everything thrives and delights at your home! What a unique vase. I bet it will look just as pretty in your NEW HOME!!!
    Sorry I have been MIA... I have had a bit of knee trouble.
    Let's talk!


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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