Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Organized the PANTRIES!!!

 The other day I had had ENOUGH of my pantries! I am fortunate that I have 2 pantries, but they are both kinda small. However, that allows me to seperate and have different things in the 2 pantries. In the left pantry I have "extra" things; plates, candle holders, napkins, silverware, crockpot,toaster.  We have the typical wire shelving in the pantries and rather than switching all that out we found a great product on the internet. It is a plastic shelf liner and it works GREAT!!! I like to use turntables on the shelves and/or racks to make the most of the space. I am going to have Joe put lights in the pantries, as you can see they can be dark. So below is the top shelf in the left pantry.
 I have wraps and bags in a drawer in the kitchen so they are handy and these are extras. My toaster is in a plastic bag. I do clean it out after each use for crumbs but still keep it in the bag. I know.....
 I have some white dishes and a platter on this shelf.
 Next shelf has chips etc. in a plastic basket. Then paper plates and behind them some votive holders are corralled in a plastic.
 On the right side are cereals and some crackers.
 Next shelf has my vitamin bottles on a turntable. I keep them in a pill case with the cereals bowls so that I take them each morning, and refill that every Sunday. Next to the vitamins are crackers and popcorn.
 To the left of that is another turntable with extras and then my silverware in its case.
 The floor was COVERED with stuff!!! Things left over or just stuck in here over the fall and Christmas. It was a mess.
 Now there is actually empty space on the floor!!!! The crock pot I keep in this box so I can transport it in the box when we go somewhere (like the clubhouse on Fri. nights:):) The deviled egg case and extra napkins are here too.
 Now this is the right hand pantry. It is all food items.

 Lots of turntables are used here. I had them all in the pantry at the old house.

 You can tell some are OLD....they are GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I doubt they still make gold ones, LOL!!!! Salad dressing and seasoning packets are in the brown basket.

 On the floor I have trash on the left and recycling on the right. Next to the cans is my dry swiffer sweeper.
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  1. Doesn't that make you feel so great, when you organize something! I know it does to me! It looks great, like the idea of lazy susan in your closet!

    Have a great week!

  2. Looks great, I need to do the same. Xo Liz

  3. Pinky,
    Great organization, dear friend!!!
    Like you, I ,too, keep a well stocked food pantry!!! Less trips to the store saves on our budget..and one never knows when you might have unexpected guests to prepare meals for!!! Love the brown basket holding those packet mixes!!! I think my plastic turn table is GOLD, too! Ha!

  4. wow you are so organized, it all looks so great, can you come over and do mine, I am afraid it will be a big job...

  5. You did a great job in organizing your pantry. It's nice that you have two. I only have one just like yours with the wire shelves that I hate. Mine is cluttered and I can't see what's in the back. I would love to get those pull out wooden shelves that you see advertised, but I've heard they are very expensive. Maybe one day.

  6. Looks nice and neat..I love that! Hugs,

  7. I sure feel great with a big job like this completed! Everything looks neat and organized and you can see what you have. Thanks for the reminder. Spring cleaning time.

    The French Hutch

  8. Pinky, you've been busy...this looks great!! I love having an organized pantry. It has been easier to maintain since the girls have been off to college...lol!

  9. Wow, I am jealous! Wonderful job! Spotless!

  10. I reorganized the freezers last week and it felt so good to know exactly what were in them without pawing through everything...this time I made a list of how many of each package and what shelf they are on...I will take a big fluffernutter, please!

  11. It looks so good. This has been on my to do list for I can't tell you how long. It's one of those things that just looks too overwhelming so I don't do it!

  12. Looks good, Pinky. I really need to do mine too. My teenagers need to learn to put things back where they belong. I love the lazy susan idea too.

  13. You did a great job organizing your pantries, Pinky! It bet it feels good!
    ~ Wendi

  14. Good grief, woman! You've been busy! I don't blame you for not switching out the shelving. That would be a LOT of work! Using all those Lazy Susans really helps out a lot. Have you seen those little step shelves? I put a couple of those in my pantries, too, and they helped use up vertical space in an efficient manner. Bought 'em at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I laughed when I saw your arsenal of vitamins! Looks like ours! :-) Now that you have even some extra space, you can go to Costco with confidence! :-)

  15. This is so great to do, just to know what you have on hand.


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