Thursday, May 28, 2015

A New Find and the Pond in May!!!

Good morning!!! On Memorial day Joe and I went to a local garden center and I saw a bunny that I really liked. It looked like it was made of cement and was very heavy so I asked how much? They told me $120.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, not for me. Then we went to Lowes to get some things and in the garden center Joe said to me, LOOK!!! They had the exact same bunny except this one had a brown finish that I liked a lot better. Are you ready? It was $19.99!!!! SCORE!!! It is the exact same bunny and I like it better. Here he is :
 Isn't he sweet?
 PLEASE, excuse the HORRIBLE "mulch" It is a long story but we got this horrible crap, NOT what we ordered.
 The area around the pond is filling in nicely. We try to add some more perennials each year.
 I am not sure if I will keep Mr. Rabbit here or not but this is where he landed for now.

 Joe built this rock wall and it is holding up very nicely.

 We had baby birds in this birdhouse (that Joe built) but they have flown the coop, just the other day,
 The fish multiplied over the winter!!! We have counted about 42!
 It is so soothing to sit out here and listen to the waterfall, the birds chirping etc.
 We can't believe we already have lilies blooming in May!!!

 Perennial purple salvia is reseeding and coming up all over! I love it!
 This is a solar turtle so glows at night.

 We got these solar turtles this year.

 The awning is only partway out in this picture cause it was WINDY!

 The back of the house. The knockout roses are blooming like crazy.

 This is another thing we found at Lowes the other day. The neighbors always joke about fishing in our pond. This is actually a lighter that looks like a fishing pole:) Perfect for Joe when he has a cigar occasionally.

 Red ranunculas.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you didn't get too bored.
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  1. Looks great Pinky. I've seen that same bunny. Love it!

  2. Your pond is wonderful! I wouldn't want to do anything but spend the day hearing the water fall and watching all your fish!

    1. Right now it is too hot and humid so we sit there in the evenings. Next week is is going to cool off some:)

  3. A great find on the bunny. And Joe did a great job building the stone wall. Your pond looks so peaceful, and I love the bright orange koi and the yellow lily pads.

    1. Thanks so much, ML. The fish are like Pavlov's dogs; whenever we walk out there they come to be fed:)

  4. Cute, cute bunny Pinky....your yard is so beautiful and love all of the wonderful water features...and must say that I am partial to the Rosebuds container! :)

  5. WHAT A CUTE BUNNY! I have a thing for bunnies! Your pond and outdoor area looks gorgeous. I bet it's soothing to sit and hear the waterfall! I know you are such a hard worker and it shows!!! xo

    1. I have a thing for bunnies too, I have 3 out front on the "porch"!!! We are going to a B and B in Lancaster with our neighbors this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we will run into you:)

  6. Pinky,
    S C O R E, indeed!!!
    Love your newest Bunny!!!
    The pond is so mesmerizing. . .I totally relaxed as I viewed your photos!!!
    Your roses shrubs and flora are filling in quite nicely!!!
    Gorgeous retreat!!!

  7. Gorgeous Pinky! What a wonderful spot to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or cocktail at night! Your pond is such a wonderful addition and I love the blooming lilies and the life and movement from the fish too. Fun find on your bunny and he won't eat all your new plants. ♥

    1. Yes! These are my favorite kind of bunnies:) Joe sits out here every single night. Usually with a cigar and cocktail. I have a glass of wine when I join him:)

  8. Very cute bunny. You got a great deal and it looks cute in your yard. The pond is looking fabulous.
    I know you are enjoying the serene feel and sound. xo

  9. I took a good look at your rock wall because we are building one too for the first time. Joe did a great job!

    You have a lovely and serene yard Pinky. I'm jealous. ;)

    I can't believe the price difference with the bunny! Actually, I sorta can. Nurseries are notoriously expensive.

    1. It was like putting a puzzle together, cause he used rocks that were left over. I LOVE it and am so glad he did it.

  10. Oh my gosh, your pond looks beautiful. It must be so relaxing and fun to feed the fish and enjoy all the activities around the pond. I love the waterfall feature. And all the stonework. Happy weekend, L

    1. Thanks SO much for your visit!!! We just love what we have done here. We had a pond at the old house too so Joe just had to have one here. It is his baby:)

  11. So many pretty spaces in your yard, Pinky. Your new bunny is very sweet. Isn't summer great?! Jane

  12. Wow, a hundred dollars difference from two stores...crazy! The bunny is definitely worth the $20 not to pass by. Your pond area is lovely!


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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