Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cut Flowers from my Gardens

Good morning!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and stopped to remember the reason for the holiday. Thanks is not adequate for all those who have served to protect us. We had a busy weekend. Sat. was the picnic at our clubhouse with almost 70 in attendance. Sunday we went to a picnic at a friends house. Today, Joe and I went out to lunch, did some shopping, then had friends for dinner.  After they left I made another hanging pot for the front porch (with flowers I bought today), put a load of wash in and am now doing this post:)  I walked around the yard and decided to cut some flowers to bring in and enjoy. Being in the woods for 30 years, I never had flowers to cut and enjoy, except my wonderful hydrangeas. Rhododendron:
 Knockout roses, love these and never had them before.
 Purple salvia.
 Dark pink rhodo.
 Pretty combo on my runner
 Purple iris.
 I brought them out to the deck table to get a few more shots.
 My neighbor is making these wonderful leaf bowls. I bought one to put out here and placed it on a stand. It reminds me of a lily pond leaf so I put my CHILLIN frog on it:)

 A gerber daisy from a friend.

 These are the flowers from the pyracantha bush (firethorn). These will all be berries in the fall!!!!

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  1. Oh how pretty. They are all so lovely and the combination is perfect together.

  2. What a pretty arrangement Pinky...and the best part is they came right from your backyard!! I love that leaf bowl!

  3. Beautiful Pinky...I wish I had enough flowers to cut for a beautiful bouquet such as yours!

  4. Beautiful shots of beautiful flowers. fondly ~lynne~

  5. Pinky, your flowers are beautiful! Love the arrangement that you put together. The colors make a wonderful combo!

  6. Ooh I always love to see flowers from the garden. I should cut more of mine but I just enjoy seeing them outside and forget to bring them in once in a while. That leaf bowl made me take a double take! My sister in-law made one for me and it looks very much like yours! The frog sitting in it is adorable. I need to bleach mine a bit since it's gotten discolored over the past couple of years.

  7. Oh you work magic with flowers Pinky!!! I love the knock out roses... and the leaf bowl.

  8. Oh, my goodness, they are just so lovely. The colors are breathtaking! I love all your pictures.


  9. Your flowers and photography are beautiful. Sheila

  10. Pinky,
    Your "cut" floral arrangement is gorgeous, dear friend!!!
    Love the palm leaf. . ."Mr. Ed" would adore the "Frog"!!!
    Another beautifully inspiring post!!!

  11. Pretty blooms Pinky and love that leaf bowl! I need to find a tutorial on Pinterest unless you want to post one for me :)


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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