Monday, May 18, 2015

A New "Wreath" and Tutorial

I made a new "wreath" for our front door. I put that in quotes because as you will see, it is not a traditional round wreath. I saw a square piece like this at the place where I used to work but it was TWICE the price. So, I kept looking and lo and behold found this at CTS for $16.99!!! Plus it was embellished with the berries!!! SOLD!!! Here is the finished wreath and then I will take you through the steps I did to make it. It looks like a window pane. I love that it is so different than a traditional wreath.
 Here is how it looked when I got it.

 As you can see, I did this in the garage rather than down in the basement. It was a beautiful day yesterday, when I did this. I placed the bush of the white berries and grasses first then the nest and forsythia pick. Everything is hot glued in.
 I wanted this to look like someone had just picked flowers from the garden and put them together. A gerber daisy anchors  the arrangement at the bottom.
 I decided to add this watering can up on the right corner as a cute accent.
 The leaves that surround the daisy were left over and in my stash.
 When I thought I was finished I put it on the door but decided it needed some ivy trailing down, so added that.
 EVERYTHING that I used I had so this cost me the $16.99. The finished one that I saw at the store was either $60.00 or $70.00!!!!
 It is so nice to have a stash of flowers to pull from. I used all the colors that are in the berries that came on the piece.
 I had this one stem of purple freesia. It is a beautiful flower, used in fresh arrangements often.

 So now the front is done and ready for Summer.
Thanks for your visit. I love your comments so please let me know you were here:) Have a beautiful week, my friends.
XO, Pinky
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  1. The addition of the watering can is just the right touch of whimsy Pinky! (I didn't know what 'CTS' was until I looked at the tag. Lol )You really dressed up what was a fairly plain wreath and made it into something quite pretty and so 'you'. Happy Spring to you!

    1. The little rusty pitcher seals the deal for me Pinky! Absolutely adorable and put together at a great price, too. Jane

  2. Cute cute cute!! Love it! Wish we had Christmas Tree Shops here.

  3. Oh the wreath is so cute- the watering can is my favorite! You did a great job on the design and your front porch looks very cute!

  4. So pretty Pinky! I love the window pane shape and all your embellishments! I wish we had CTS here :)

  5. I love your unique "wreath" too! It's perfect for your front door!

  6. Oh my gosh Pinky....the wreath is gorgeous and I love the shape of it!....Thanks for the tutorial....a great detailed step by are so very talented!

  7. Pinky,
    Gorgeous wreath, dear friend!!!
    I love all the soft hues in this arrangement!!!
    The touch of the watering can is adorable!!!
    The front porch is magnificient!!!
    Cute, cute, cute bunnies!!!
    P.S. I did a square wreath this Season, also!!!
    Great minds!!! (wink)

  8. Very nice composition. Nice balance - something I always admire because I struggle with it. Visiting from A Stroll thru Life.
    Susan -


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