Monday, August 31, 2015

Some Changes in the Guest Room

I have been wanting to put mirrors behind the nightstand lamps in the guest room. I have looked for quite awhile to find what I wanted. The other day I stopped at Kirklands just to browse their Fall décor and saw some mirrors on sale! I found the perfect ones for what I wanted to do!!! They were marked down but then when I got to the register they were discounted even further PLUS I had a 20% off coupon!!! Kismet!!! I got them for just under $8.00 each!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is how the guest room looked this Spring.
 So, I removed the wall pockets and added the mirrors. I was going to put the pockets above the mirrors but didn't like it at all.
 I like that it bounces the light around the room and kinda makes it look a little bigger too.
 I should have gotten a closer picture of the mirror frame; it is a very pale blue color and slightly distressed. EVERYTHING will look better when I get this room painted. This summer has been a bust with Joe's hip problems and then surgery. But now we are just about back to normal so projects are beginning again!
 SOON, I will have a Fall look up here. I am starting that Tues. I was going to do it tomorrow but my neighbor asked me to go to Lancaster with her and you know I can NOT pass up a good shopping opportunity!!!
 The wall pockets ended up on this wall. It needed something and I like them here.
 This room is VERY slowly evolving.

 The large, rattan discs that were behind the lamps are living here right now. When we get new bedroom furniture (hopefully before I die) our furniture will come up here. The dresser will go in this spot.

I will be partying with these great parties:


  1. Great addition, Pinky - as you said, it's so pretty with the light reflecting. And of course, what a fabulous bargain! Have a wonderful week. Jane

  2. Very pretty , Pinky. I love the mirror above the nightstands. I need to remember that idea.

  3. Wonderful Pinky. Adding mirrors above the nightstand is a lovely idea. xo

  4. Pinky,
    Gorgeous mirrors, dear friend!!!
    Your guest room is lovely!!!
    The blue & white linens add to the tranquility of the decor!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Thanks, Pat. I love the blue and white up here. My guests seem to like it too:)

  5. Your room is so pretty! Love the blue and white. Sheila

  6. Amazing how the addition of the mirrors added so much more charm to the room!!! I think the room is very spacious and I love the blue & white decor!

  7. Love the addition of the mirrors and especially love the lamps in front of them....Beautiful guest room!!

  8. Happy late birthday! I just saw that.
    Yes!! I love what the mirrors do for the room. Isn't it fun to see it in pictures so you see the before and after! Who would have thought.

  9. Pretty and welcoming guest room, Pinky! The mirrors added a nice touch. I have them in our guest room in Natchez, MS too and I can't wait to get them so I can add them to our guest room here in FL. I am glad to hear that Joe is doing well. Been following on FB.....Christine

  10. One can never have too many mirrors, in my opinion. I always love the reflections as well as how they encourage the light from the lamps to bounce around the room. Your blues in this room are so pretty.
    Mary Alice

  11. Gorgeous! Adding mirrors above the nightstand is a lovely idea. Thanks for sharing!

  12. LOVE the blue and white mixed with your exotic treasures. You are such a fabulous decorator... and homemaker and a great friend! xo


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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