Friday, October 28, 2011

~~~The Leaves are Falling Outside AND In!!!!~~~

Hi everyone! Hope you are all ready for a fun weekend. We are going to a wedding tomorrow so that will be FUN!!!Even though they are predicting some SNOW!!!! Just a LITTLE though. Our leaves are NOT glorious this year:(. So far. I am hoping for more color SOON! I took some shots from around the house for you. This is out the kitchen window.
 This next one is looking out the back sliding glass doors.
 It is NOT pretty on the deck right now. I could sweep and blow the leaves 3 times a day. That is NOT happening:):)
 The begonia is still blooming!
 And the impatiens.
 This is looking out the front windows that flank the front door.
 Then I went upstairs to the sliding glass doors in our room.
This is NOT dirty glass, it is the screen:) I guess IT is dirty:):)
 And out our bathroom window. Yes, I have a view of TREES from every single window or door in this house.

 Looking out the windows on the upstairs bridge. I just blew the driveway on Wed.
 Now for the ugly part: this is my poor hibiscus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(:( I am SO upset! I don't know what happened but the leaves have turned yellow and are falling off!!!! NOOOOOOO! We kept this alive all last winter and now this! I am going to PRUNE it hard and hope it comes back. I'll let you know. I love this plant, love that it is braided and last year it BLOOMED inside for a long time. So sad. Keep you fingers crossed. Have a GREAT weekend everyone. XO, Pinky


  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful scenery Pinky!! We don't get the show of colors here in Calif. like you do so it is fun to see! I have never seen a hibiscus inside. They like direct sun all day out here and not too much water, they don't like wet feet. Mine started turning yellow and it was because I was giving it too much water. We keep ours outside but we don't get snow, so I know it is different for you all. Good luck with your hibiscus!! Kathysue

  2. Pinky, what great photos!! You have an amazing view!! I am sure it is just phenomenal when the leaves really start to change! Thanks so much for sharing!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Yep! Fall is definitely here too, Pinky. Your photos say it all!...Christine

  4. Those huge trees are so beautiful.....I can't imagine having that magnificent view out the windows...

    Poor hibiscus!!! It does look needs lots of luck.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Love all your beautiful trees. I bet they keep you so cool in the summer heat. I also Hope your hibiscus can recover.
    have fun at the wedding

  6. Snow! Already?! I happen to like the leaves on your deck...don't you just love the crunch? I love the trees in the live in a beautiful place!!

    I bring my hibiscus in and keep it in a very sunny spot. I water it all winter fertilizer. I have never pruned mine {I don't think I know how!!!} but I get a few blooms in the winter, too. I wish you a lot of is SO sad when a plant dies. Try checking it out on Google...I really depend on that site when it comes to my plants and we bring all of our in for the winter. spoiled babies all like something different!! ;-D

    Have a great weekend, Pinky!!


  7. Pinky, I am sorry about the hibiscus....I am thinking it might have a mite or something?

    You have such lovely views out of all your windows. Tress haven't turned fully yet here, still green. Hope this storm isn't as bad as they are saying. xo

  8. Hi Pinky! I love seeing your Fallen colors outside your windows! We are a bit color now but no pretty leaves. I love those pretty trees. Take your vitamins - I'm sure there will be many leaves to rake! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see my trip.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Even though the fallen leaves on the deck don't look pretty, I know they smell great and I love the sound of them crunching underfoot. Hope you get some glorious color soon.

  10. The autumn leaves are beautiful, even if they are scattered all over your patio. And that same patio looks beautiful with a dusting of snow.
    Thank you for visiting from Savvy Seasons. Thank you for the compliment on my scarecrow dolls. I did not make them but a friend bought them for me. I like the country look still.
    Have a cozy and blessed weekend,

  11. Just found your blog and reading some recent posts and thought i'd leave a comment about your hibiscus. I'm in GA but we brought ours in last week and same thing...immediately the leaves started turning yellow and falling off....but it happens every year and then comes back beautifully. I think it just has a case of shock from being brought indoors.

    Good Luck!!

  12. Thanks, Beth. I took your advice and left it alone and it DOES have some new growth on it so my fingers are crossed!!! Pinky


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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