Monday, June 8, 2015

My Office and NEW Desk!!!

A couple of months ago I finally got a decent desk for my computer. This is where it all happens. Before I had a tiny little computer table, I am so glad to finally have this!! I am happy to have this hutch type top on the desk that I can decorate! I already had my palm tree picture here so went with a  British Colonial kinda theme. I LOVE that look. I am using my leopard, glass candlesticks.
 This guy hangs over the edge watching me:)
 I love these heavy, iron candle sticks.

 When my chair is here you can't see the wires underneath.

 I out a few decorative things in the little cubbies.
 The "book" with the shell on it, is a box for some papers.

 My little sweetheart is always by me.

 An elephant topped box holds some odds and ends.

 This is a Haywood Wakefield desk that was my in-laws. It is beautifully made and VERY sturdy.
 When I swivel to the right in my chair I can see the TV.
 The leopard covered stool gets pulled out if I want to put my feet up and really relax.
 My "kids":)
 Colleen on her second birthday. I can't believe how she is growing up so quickly.

 This is what you see when you walk in the door.

 I love this etegere and don't want to get rid of it. So it holds some favorite things.

 The picture is of my Dad's company during WW2.
 He is the one on the lower right. I think I really am a combo of both my Mom and Dad.

 The other wall.

 This is next to the closet.

 This guy moves around the house depending of time of year.
Thanks for your visit. Have a beautiful day. I am joining these parties:


  1. Gorgeous and so much storage space too. Your office is beautiful.

  2. Your room is lovely so much storage. fondly ~lynne~

  3. Hi Pinky, Your office if lovely. I love all of your Asian inspired decor and that etegere is spectacular! Cathy Temple (I have no idea why my maiden name is suddenly coming up - I've been married for over 20 years!!!!! But until I figure out how to fix it I wanted you to know it's me!!!!)

    1. I left a reply earlier but it disappeared??? I knew it was you:) Thanks!!!!

  4. Lovely space with plenty of storage. Your Asian decor is pretty, along with your leopard finishes. xo

  5. Love it, Pinky. Your designs are very elegant...I like that.


  6. Your home is so beautiful Pinky! There are so many interesting things to see! Gorgeous. No wonder you spend so much time cleaning! xo

    1. Thank you sweet friend, YOu are always so positive. And believe me, my house is NOT always clean....

  7. Everything looks so elegant---that's your style, Pinky!! So glad you have a great space now. I love seeing pictures of your little doll...such a pretty girl!! :)

    Jane x

  8. It all looks wonderful, Pinky. What a great office!

  9. Pinky, what a glorious office! What a perfect place to spend time! Oh my, I ove all of your photographs and your little sweetie is just adorable!
    Have a great day,

  10. Pinky,
    Your office with the new desk is gorgeous, dear friend!!!
    Not slated for this years Renewal Project, but in the near future
    is our home office!!! You've given me such inspiring ideas!!!
    I absolutely adore your etegere!!! A stunning piece, indeed!!!
    I enjoyed seeing photos of your family from your Dad, children and precious Grand Girl!!!
    Thanks for sharing with us!!! I'm archiving this post for future reference!!!


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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