Friday, April 8, 2011

~~~Easter Dining Room~~~~

Last week I decorated the dining room for Easter but have been so busy I haven't had a chance to share. So, here it is. This is how the table looked for winter with the oriental accents.
 Here we go with Easter! I didn't have a runner but as you will see I found a beautiful one the other day at....wait for it....HOME GOODS!!!! I swear they should pay me to advertize:):) They do not, sadly:):)
 I placed  my faux tulips in faux water on a glass cake pedestal and surrounded that with sparkly eggs. At the base is a feather wreath that I Love!!!!

 These 2 bunnies were a gift from my daughter years ago. I had seen them in a gift shop, way up on a shelf and told her about them. She surprised me and got them! I will always treasure them.....and HER!

 The server.
 I put all the "sparkly" bunnies on here. This guy holds an Easter tree.
 This tall bunny is from Steinmart last year.
 I got 2 of these where I used to work, last year for 50/50! That menas half off then half off again (75% off).
 This one is so pretty!
 sweet face
 "Here Mom"!

 Here is the runner.
 I love the embroidery at the ends
I changed out the candles to yellow.
 They look much GOLDER in these pictures than they really are. They are a pretty soft yellow.
I also found some sparkly egg branches the other day at Pier One so added them to the server to embellish it a little!

Hope you have enjjoyed seeing some more of my Easter decor. I love changing thigs out for the seasons. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I love to read them all! Have a great weekend!!!! XO, Pinky


  1. Such pretty Easter things. I love all the soft colors of Easter.

  2. So very cute! Love all of your bunnies. It makes us happy especially with pastel colors. Your runner is beautiful.

  3. Love your Easter decor. All of your bunnies are just fabulous. Such a lovely vignette. Hugs, marty

  4. Pinky,
    I ador bunnies...and yours are adorable! Thanks for sharing with us...and YES!, I agree...they should pay you to advertise! Have a lovely Spring weekend!

  5. Absolutely beautiful!!! I love spring decorating the best - even better than Christmas! Your collection of bunnies is soooo cute! Beautiful once again!!

  6. I love the centerpieces! So pretty & unique.

  7. Pinky, This is so beautiful. I am so envious of the beautiful runner. I am very partial to runners. They add so much but still let you see the table.
    I love all your sparkly bunnies and the one holding the tree is so adorable. I love a 50/50 sale.
    Thanks for sharing the Easter fun with us. Hugs, Ginger

  8. Pinky, I'm not sure there is anything prettier than Easter, for me anyway. All your Easter deco. are really special. Maybe it's because the colours all match my house : )
    Happy weekend PInky.
    Love You
    Love Me.
    P.S. LOVE that wreath, really cute.

  9. Oh, it looks so beautiful! I really do like your's perfect!

  10. So sweet Pinky! I love all your bunnies. I really love that table runner too in the first picture, that is so you!

  11. Hi love lady. I love the table runner just Beautiful with the Bunnies sweet lady you know I love Easter.
    How many Bunnies do you have ?? I love them all.~~~

  12. I have such a weakness for bunnies...... yours are adorable.
    Your colors are so soft and pretty.... sure looks like Easter to me....
    Hope you have a good weekend!

  13. What beautiful Easter Decor!!
    Such pretty Bunnies!!


  14. What beautiful Easter Decor!!
    Such pretty Bunnies!!


  15. I love you Easter decor. You really have some cute things for spring, Pinky.

  16. Someone is having a lot of fun with all of their Easter goodies, and it shows! Hi, Pinky! Just dropping by to ogle all of your cute Easter things.


    Sheila :-)

  17. Oh Pinky, how delightful! You certainly have an eye for the decorative and so enjoyed seeing your treasures here! Thanks for the smiles :) Blessings to you!

  18. Love all the pastels, bunnies and eggs! So sweet!
    I am planning to be at Tuesday Tea! I am the speaker. I was told it will not be any big deal!
    See you tomorrw.

  19. Pinky, I love your new cutwork tablerunner! In fact, I love ALL your beautiful Easter decorations!

    You've really worked hard getting your home ready for Spring & it shows. Love the hutch & I think I need to go buy one of those deviled egg containers with the lid. Tupperware? Rubbermaid?

  20. Pinky I really did enjoy seeing your Easter decor! That new runner is so pretty! Love the egg embroidery at the ends. And all your bunnies are so sweet! I especially love the 50/50 one with the basket on his back. Vanna

  21. Pinky!

    Love looking at your Easter bunnies and decor. The sparkly momma and baby bunnies are my favorite! I love Steinmart too ... you never know what you will find when you walk in there!

    Thanks for stopping by today!


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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