Monday, April 11, 2011

~~~A Beautiful day to PLANT FLOWERS!!!!~~~

Today was a GORGEOUS day! It got up to 80 degrees! SOOOO, I went and bought and planted some pansies. Mr. S. had to get my big copper pots out for me so I could get started. I will have several MORE pots on the front porch and back deck when it REALLY gets to warm weather. For now, these pansies will tide me over!!!!!A view of the porch, decorated for Spring/Easter.

 Isn't this one so pretty, with it's variegated colors?!
 This one is the prettiest blue, sorry I moved:(
 Beautiful red, and I moved again. Sorry, but didn't want to delete this so you could see the color!
 I bought my spikes and they will stay there when I take out the pansies and replace them with impatiens.

 Lenten rose.
 Yellow lenten rose.
 Hyacinths are almost full bloomed.

 This is part of where the crane messed up the driveway. Thankfully the hostas weren't up far enough to be too damaged!
 Hydrangeas are leafing out!!!!! I can't wait for hydrangeas, one of my favorites!
 A wild flower. I don't know what it is but it comes up each Spring. Anybody know?
 My small bunny flag at the mailbox.
 Day lilies. They come up each year but haven't bloomed in several years.......they are old!
 We got the net off of the pond! So I started raking up the leaves that had blown all around it!
 The upper pond.
 The fish have ended their hybernation and are starting to swim around again!!!!

 Remember, you can click on the pictures to enlarge.
 In the midst of raking..... I uncovered the stepping stones.
 This area has hostas too. I also plant some annuals there.

 "Pirus Japonica" is BLOOMING!!! And it smells so pretty. the BEES love it!

 One of the 4 japanese Maples. They are all starting to leaf out too! Life renews again.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are getting some nice Spring weather too! Tomorrow we are going to get rain and COOLER temps again:( I am just wishing for some pretty Spring days to enjoy! Have a beautiful week everyone!!!! XO, Pinky


  1. The unknown flower looks like bloodroot to me?? Anyone else agree? Love your flowers Pinky. Spring is sooooo wonderful!


  3. Pinky,
    Lovely! The pansies are so sweet at your front door! I don't know a thing about gardening..but I'm guessing your day lilies need to be thinned out a bit. Crowding doesn't allow for them to spread their wings to speak! Keep up all that hard can only get better!

  4. Pansies are the sweetest flowers... one of my favorites!

    The pond area is so pretty.... love all that you've accomplished!

  5. Everything looks so pretty those ponds! Ohhh your lilies are so think got enough there to open up a nursery! lol I have a few that I love...huge reds and double ruffle yellows and I love hydrangeas! I just love being able to get outside in the yard and seeing everything coming back to life...hope you have a great week sweetie....Picket

  6. We've been in the upper eighties. Way too early to be this warm. I am going to plant some flowers, too. Funny, we plant flowers here before cold weather and replace them when it gets too warm. Love your pond and fish.

  7. Hey Pinky girlfriend
    Coming by to say hi to my friend.
    LOVE your pretty fishies.
    it was 80 there? WOW. I think it got up to 65 here. Nice but it's a Winnie the Pooh night. Blowing like crazy.
    Have a great week Pinky.

  8. I love the japonica. The day lilies are probably not blooming because they need a serious thinning. Pull or spade out enough until there is at least three to six inches between fist sized clumps. Fertilize now and in the fall with cow manure. They should bloom next year. Day lilies don't do well when overcrowded.
    Thank for your visit. Hugs, Ginger

  9. Loving all the greenery you have popping up there. I was going to say that you need to thin out the daylillies, but it's been said. I just love seeing all the sprouts coming up. I started my veggie garden this weekend since I was so wanting spring! Let's just hope the plants I put in make it!

  10. Hi Pinky
    I am taking today to catch up in the land of blog, I've fallen behind on visits. The outdoors is calling my name, so limited time on the computer.

    I saw pansys the other day but din't buy any. I should go back for a few.

    I usually don't try to intice folks to visit the Back Porch, letting readers find the posts on their own, but today I'd love for you to see my In the Pink post. I think you will like it,:-).

  11. Such pretty pics of your garden...the pirus japonica is magnificent....It must smell amazing....your pansies are going to be an awesome show.
    Love your Easter decor in the dining room.
    Have a wonderful week.

  12. Hi Pinky! What a beautiful place you have! I love your front porch and you really did get dirty didn't you planting all of your pretties.
    Love your little ponds with fish! Oh, you have a wonderful land at your place.
    Yep, begging and pleading helps. Took me a few years though! Hope you'll be gifted for Mother's Day.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. Hi hopping around this evening and came across your cute blog & wanted to let you know that I host a garden party on Thursday's & would love to have you link up sometime. It's an open invitation, no pressure! oxxo, Tracie


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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