Thursday, April 28, 2011

~~~ A Pretty bouquet from Grocery store flowers~~~

My daughter and son-in-law brought me these pretty flowers on Easter. They were in cellophane wrap and had long stems. Just puttng them in a BEAUTIFUL vase and cutting them down and apart made a beautiful bouquet!!!! Thanks Tracy and Dave. Love you both!!!!!
 Such pretty colors. Just mums and carnations can be beautiful!
 I love this vase! They are still beautiful today!
Thanks again for stopping by! Love you all. XO, Pinky


  1. Hi, beautiful flowers ..I found your blog at tartanscout :) and Ill looking forward to se the wedding tomorrow..I have had a wedding special all countdown for grande finale :)) with a super giveaway at the blog of weddings happy weekend/Marie

  2. Happy day Pinky.
    Gotta love flowers no matter where they are from.

  3. Fresh flowers are always a perfect gift.... yours are beautiful and so is the vase.

    It's 3:45am, and I'm awake and anxiously awaiting the big wedding.

  4. Good morning, Pinky!

    The flower arrangement is lovely ~ cheerful colors looking sweet in the crystal vase :)

  5. The flowers are so pretty & I love the vase!!

  6. Hi lovely lady. I love your pretty flowers, The vase is Beautiful sweet lady.

  7. I know how proud of your daughter you are. You should be! She must have done a magnificent job, graduating with honors. Congrats to her...and to you and your hubby man.
    Beautiful flowers...
    xoxo bj

  8. Oh flowers are always such a treat. I love yours and the vase is stunning. Enjoy. Thanks for stopping by, I am with you, I love the look and feel of wood. Hugs, Marty


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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