Sunday, April 3, 2011

~~~A Few SUNNY Snapshots!!!~~~

Happy Sunday everyone! Yesterday the sun was streaming in the windows so I took some snapshots to share! We haven't had alot of sunshine so it was beautiful to me! Tomorrow is going to be GORGEOUS, 72 they say!!!! I can't wait! I plan to CLEAN out the garage! Today I went shopping guessed it, Home Goods and got just what I was looking for. I will share that tomorrow!  Sorry about this first picture: I forgot that Joe had some supplies ion the background:):) But this is one of my new pillows, that I LOVE!!!!
 One of the sofa tables.
 The coffee table.

 The hibiscus, that I have managed to keep ALIVE through the winter is full of buds and here are 2 blooms!!!!
 The small pillow is a new one too. I love how I can change the look with just new pillows!

 These elephants are my favorite thing!!!! They were bought by my FIL in Vietnam! They are a true TREASURE to me!!!!!!
Is he pretty!!!???

 The oriental screen.
 The hearth.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Please let me know you were here! XO, Pinky


  1. Your pictures are fabulous. It's hard to catch the light shining in like that. Everything is gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  2. Thanks for stopping by May Days and for the great rose tip! I am now watering at the base. What's your rose secret. I'm adding rose food today.

  3. So nice to see the sun shining on your beautiful living room!

  4. Sunshine really does make all the difference doesn't it. We had a warm, sunny day yesterday and I got so much done. Today it is gray, storming and the temps are dropping so quickly. We are supposed to be 50 degrees colder tonight than yesterday. I feel like curling up on the couch and napping! You have beautiful things and they look so lovely highlighted with the rays of light.

  5. Pinky,
    Oh, such loveliness! Seems you and I are playing roller coaster with this Spring weather. When you have the sunshine . . .we have the dreary days. When I have the're experiencing storms. Guess we'll just have to lift each other's spirits! You always lift mine!!!

  6. Hey is it 72 there??? I"m soooo jealous you have no idea. It's 32 here BLAH!!!
    So I'm off fb now. Finish, kapoot, the end...till later. I'm loving' playing on my blog. I see you love it too. I would have imagined your home different. Isn't that weird? Everything is so organized and clean and pretty. That doesn't sound right does it? I meant with a name like Pinky, I would have thought more PINK, lol.
    I'm glad you've been a busy little bee. Your easter deco. is precious. Love your bunnies. My fav time to decorate. My home just matching all my Easter critters.
    Have a great week Pinky.
    Love You
    Love Me
    P.S. LOVE your wallpaper. CUTE.

  7. Beautiful sunny shots of your gorgeous home, Pinky!

  8. Oh Pinky, I love your beautiful sunshiny pictures!!!

    Your home is beautiful, you have so many interesting pieces.
    Isn't it fun to buy one or two items and see the change they your pillows!

  9. I love taking photos when the sun is streaming in! How dramatic..and what a beautiful home you have! I see more pretty pillows! ♥


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