Tuesday, April 19, 2011

~~~The Making of an Easter Tablescape!~~~

I thought I would take you through what I do to create a tablescape. This will not be our Easter dinner table but I had all these elements and thought this would be a cute table too! So, we start with this pretty tablecloth. I got it at a garage sale several years ago for $3.00!!!!!!!! It has bunnies, chicks etc. on it but in a very subtle pattern.

 Next, I took an egg wreath to encircle....
my LARGE "chocolate" bunny! He came from K-Mart several years ago. They carried them for 2 years, I think and they are so cute!!!! He is carrying a pretty bouquet of flowers for you!
 Next is a straw placemat/charger, that reminds us of an Easter basket.
 then a Spring green dinner plate.

 Followed by a brown and cream salad plate. The brown ties into the chocoalte bunny.

 At first I put these bunny candles on a nest of moss but didn't like it, and it was VERY messy! So, you will see what I changed it to in a second.
 I used my brown bamboo flatware. it seems organic and the color is pretty on this table.
 a rattan napkin holder holds cut green napkins.
 close up of the napkin rings
 Then I decided I would place 2 wicker pillar holders with pale green pillars beside the bunny.
 So, I used my mini grapevine tiny wreaths to encircle the bunny candle. I also rolled up some raffia to lift the bunny a litlle.
 aren't the little candles so cute! I love them!!!!

 It is dark and dreary out so the pictures aren't real bright, sorry!!!!
I did light the candles but the picture didn't really show it so I didn't include that picture. I will show you the "rea" Easter table soon. I have to wash some dishes and glases etc. before I can set that table! Tomorrow is suppsed to be near 80 degress so you can be sure I will be OUTSIDE, planting flowers and getting my deck put together!!!! I can't wait! I hope you have enjoyed this litlle step by step. I so appreciate all my bloggy frioends!!!! Happy Easter to you all!!!! Don't forget, you can click on the pictures to enlarge. I am linking to Susan's wonderul blog http://www.betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/ for Tablescape Thurs. RUN over there to see tons of beautiful tables!!!!!XO, Pinky


  1. Pinky this is adorable and I love the addition of the chocolate with the green!!! Very festive as always!!! I have been running errands today and picked up my runner it turned out really well, so happy!!! KS

  2. Hi lovely lady. Looks adorable with your chocolate bunnys on your plates. I love your tablescape and your centerpiece for Easter. I would like to thank you so much for your lovely comments on my new Easter Tablescape. I hope you and your family have a Great Easter Pinky.

  3. This is a darling tablescape. I just love the chocolate bunny centerpiece and the sweet little bunny candles. They look adorable nestled in the mini grapevine wreaths.
    Thanks for stopping by my new blog! It really means a lot to have such sweet visitors.

  4. Very nice Pinky! The nests with the bunnies is such a cute idea! Love that big chocolate bunny too! I know what you mean about all the steps to get a table set...I'm working on mine right now! Happy Easter!

  5. Pinky, that bunny is adorable...he is so cute surrounded by the egg wreath. It was fun watching it come together. Have fun gardening tomorrow!

  6. Hey Pinky gf,
    Even though the lights were low, your table looks marvellous.
    Have a great week darlin'

  7. Liked all your great ideas.
    The chocolate bunny in the egg wreath is great, and everything matched so well. Loved the cute lil candles and how you displayed them, very cute!
    Just don't start a fire!! lol
    I like how you took a picture of each step, that was great.
    Blessings for a Very Happy Easter!

  8. How pretty this all is...the tablecloth is wonderful. Thank you for stopping by to visit me and leave such a nice message. Have a great day!

  9. Morning girl....this is so pretty...love that egg ring in the middle and those little bunny candles are adorable...I love the green and browns...I have never been one for the bright colors or pastels of Easter....love to see them but just never worked for me here..but your colors I totally could use...sooo love those little grapevine wreaths and that tablecloth is perfect! Beautiful table sweetie..thanks so much for coming by...hope you and yours have a wonderful Easter....Picket

  10. You have the cutest things Pinky! I love the table cloth - all of it!

  11. Just lovely Pinky! I LOVE the green with the brown and the whole "natual" feel of this table. The step by step was fun. Cute bunnies AND I am so excited to see your little grapevines!! I just ordered some and hope they are here in time for my Easter table!! :)


  12. Your Easter table is beautiful Pinky!!

  13. Your table is just adorable Pinky! Love the green and brown together. Love the chocolate bunnies! ~Delores

  14. I love that tablecloth. I can't believe you got that at a yard sale. You lucky girl! The chocolate mixed with green is so pretty, and I'm loving those little nests with the bunny candles. Have a wonderful Easter weekend. laurie

  15. Everything came together beautifully.... I love the wreath and the big chocolate bunny...perfect!
    Blessed Easter to you!

  16. That is such a lovely tablecloth, what a steal!
    Your table is beautiful with just enough fun elements!
    Have a very blessed Easter, Pinky!

  17. Pinky, I love the organic and rich feel of your Easter table. That big chocolate bunny is adorable! I bet I know where you got those little wreaths!
    Have a beautiful Easter.
    Hope to see you next week.
    Love and blessings,

  18. What a great find of tablecloth Pinky... so lovely ...
    Love the overall theme and colours of your tablescape... how unique your candle stands are... Setting of bunny in the plate is cutest thing... very lovely...

  19. Lovely tablescape, Pinky! Your bunny tablecloth is very pretty!...Christine

  20. wow really beautiful your Easter table .amazing this post and nice all pics .

  21. Pinky - Thanks for inviting me to visit your blog to see your Easter table. I love the green and brown and the darling bunnies. Happy Easter!

  22. I am a sucker for cut-work on napkins & tablecloths, Pinky...yours are beautiful!

    I really like all the organic elements your brought into this tablescape. I never even though about how much the rattan chargers resemble baskets. Clever!

    I hope you have a lovely Easter with your family & friends.

  23. I adore your huge bunny. I had two huge gold foil covered Lindt bunnies that I saved over the years for decor too. My son got into the storage closet a few years ago and chewed off the tip of one ear. It was so old and crumbly he stopped there. I still kept it - it is pretty funny as my dad said he always bit the ears off my aunt's bunny.

  24. Lovely table...love that "chocolate" bunny.
    Happy Easter, Pinky!

  25. Just love your chocolate bunnies, the tablecloth..how you put it all together. I would love for you to join me by the way!! You are welcome, anytime!!
    Happy Easter
    Shel xx


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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