Sunday, July 10, 2011

~~~Dinner for 2 with the Birds!!!~~~

Good evening everyone!!!! This morning Joe and I went out to breakfast then to the grocery to get the makings for our dinner tonight! We wanted to have crabcakes, pierogies and summer slaw!!!!!!!!!! So that is what is "on the menu" for us tonight!!!!!We wanted to eat on the deck so we could really enjoy the evening. The hydrangeas are from our bushes and are blooming beautifully now!!!!! I wanted to use my bird dinner plates so decided to go with a natural, organic, bird theme!

 The 2 birdhouses are usually in the kitchen but wre put into use for our dinner table.  I also brought out ONE of my many bird nests to add to the theme. The place setting is a NATURAL, twig placemat that brings out the brown in the bird dinner plate, the dinner plate,  a brown edged salad plate and a creamy soup bowl. We thought we would have some shrimp and corn chowder for a first course but decided to save that for tomorrow night.
 I gathered 2 napkins together for a fuller look: a plain blue and a white with a beautiful embroidered yellow flower. They are gathered together with my favorite rings, the fork and spoon!
 A close up of the dinner plate. I got these at Pier One several years ago, on clearance, for $1.98 each!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it???? I fell in love at first sight! They are resting on  my white chargers.
 The brown edged salad plate.
 And a creamy soup bowl.

 Beautiful blue wine glasses held my Pinot Grigio.
 The hydrangeas are blooming in an array of gorgeous colors!!!!! See the hints of green and even a little gold????? Mother Nature is spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I rested this birds nest against one of the bird houses.
 The hydrangeas are in a beautiful cut glass vase that I LOVE!!!!!!

 Some of the blooms are HUGE!!!!!!!!!!! This is ONE bloom!!!!!!

 We each had a wire nest votive holder. I found these at Michaels in the winter and grabbed them quickly!!!! I love them!

 The crab cakes before coooking. I will post the YUMMY recipe this week so please come back!
 Pierogies cooking in a little butter.
 Golden brown.........

 Joe's dinner plate.
 The Target bird S and P are a staple in the summer here!

 The candles are lit!

 I thought the yellow in the napkin really echoed the yellow of the bird.
I will post the crab cake recipe this week and join Micheal Lee at Foodie Friday. I will be joining Yvonne tonight for On the Menu Monday at   Please come and visit her GORGEOUS blog! You will be hooked! I will also join Susan at Tablescape Thursday at Thanks so much for visiting. Please leave me a comment so I know you were here!!!!!! XO, Pinky I am also joining Marty at  for Tabletop Tuesday!


  1. Oh how I love crab cakes! My father in law has crab traps out & my hubs went with him yesterday to check them. Of course he brought home some fresh crab meat that was delish!

  2. Hi Pinky, Your hydrangeas are HUGE and gorgeous! Mine seem to be doing very well this year too--maybe all the spring rain? I'm looking forward to your crab cake recipe and I love those little bird nest votives! You were smart to pick them up! Linda

  3. A pretty table and a fantastic looking meal!

  4. Pinky,
    This is stunning! Each week you just outdo the week before with surprise elements and creativity in your tablescapes! I adore how the yellow flower of the napkin mimics the flower on your dinnerplate! Our outdoor dinners on the Prairie are on hold until September when the temperatures return to the 80's (we hope!).Thank you for inviting me over to view this lovely tablescape!

  5. Pinky,
    It is so funny... I read your posts in your voice! I can just hear in my head how you say everything. Makes me feel closer to you.
    What a delightful post. I am sure there are many readers who are thankful that you put together this great menu. YUMMY! I love crabcakes and perogies.
    And you brought it all so beautifully to us! Your hydrangea/nest table is perfect for dinner al fresco! I too love how the hydrangeas have little variations of color.
    Pinky, Thank you for sharing this menu with us, participating in OTMM and being my friend!
    xo Yvonne

  6. The table is gorgeous, Pinky! You read my mind. I almost went to the store yesterday to buy some crab --- we were without the kids last night, neither of them will eat crab cakes, so I almost went out for "fixings" so we coud have crab cakes for dinner. Ended up making something else I had, but not kidding... just thinking of those last night! Can't wait for you to post the recipe. Would like to find a better recipe than what I have!
    Such pretty pictures. Love the S&P set!

  7. Hi Pinky! Oh, what a lovely table! The dishes are so pretty and the flowers! Now I love love love crab cakes and yours looks delicious. I'll be waiting for the recipe!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. onions & butter to go on those pierogies??? did you at least serve them with sour cream??? LOL They still look yummy & so do your beautiful bird plates, Pinky. What a deal!! They're gorgeous & your whole table just sings right along with them.


    p.s. I hope you know I'm just teasing you over the pierogies, right?

  9. Pinky, your table is gorgeous. I can see why you fell in love with those gorgeous bird plates!! Your bird houses, and also those little bird's nest voties are adorable! Not to mention your food, yummmm! I'd like to pull up a chair to that table!

  10. Looks absolutely delicious!! I love Crab cakes!!

  11. Hi Pinky,
    I, too, love the fork and spoon napkin rings from Pier One! I am in search of one more. When I searched for them, your blog came up with the lovely picture of the napkin in the ring. I know this is a crazy question, but do you have a spare I could buy from you? Or do you know anyone who does? I have been searching for over a year for one more.
    Thanks and your table is beautiful and recipes sound delicious!

  12. Amber, I don't know anyone who has these napkin rings. I have 8 but use them all. If I ever want to sell one I will let you know but have no contact info???? Do you have a blog????? Pinky

  13. Hi Pinky,
    Glad we connected on Google+. My email is Thanks for keeping an eye out for a spare one!


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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