Tuesday, December 16, 2014

SANTA Welcomes You To Our Home!!!

I have been waiting for days for the sun to come back out but it is not cooperating. So, I had to take these pictures at night, and I apologize as they are not great. But I wanted to WELCOME you all to our home! This Santa is a Byers Choice Santa, the company that makes the carolers.
 This year I am using red battery candles on the steps surrounded by pretty candle rings. They are not lit as I haven't gotten the batteries switched form the cream ones that are usually here:)
 I wanted to share the railing too. I am SO excited to have a railing to decorate now!
 It is full and lush and packed with embellishments this year!
 I used alot of sugared fruits on it and LOVE the look.

 There are also some bead garlands woven through it.
 Then gold berry picks are scattered throughout too.

 Some gold bird picks and more sugared fruits.

 I had these gold packages in my stash and the tops are a little worn so I used them as risers for my jars.

 He has a sweet face.
 This is another of my Joyce Ditz santas. and I placed a gold glittery tree next to him.

 He carries a lit tree.
 This grapevine Santa is on the back of the front door.
 When you walk inside and look to the left this is what you see.

 This is one of my favorite vintage looking pieces, and the little tree I found the other day for a steal.

 The Santa picture was purchased at Kirklands after Christmas last year for 75% off. It was originally $60.00 so it was $15.00!!!!! I just love it!!
Thanks so much for your visit. Hopefully the sun will come out again soon and I can get some good pictures of the kitchen! I will be partying here:


  1. Hi Pinky! Oh, I'm loving see your pretty home all dressed up for Christmas! Your railings are gorgeous! You did a great job! The wooden part of your stairs too. You have some very nice Santies! Love the picture of him. I'm sure your little granddaughter is loving coming over to grammies house! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  2. Everything looks gorgeous, Pinky!

  3. Pinky, your home looks beautiful and so festive! I love all of your decor on the stairs. It's so pretty!

  4. Hi Pinky, your staircase is a work of art. I especially love the mix of blues. The Santa by the glittering tree stole my heart, his face is so peaceful. fondly ~lynne~

  5. What a beautiful welcome to your home. I love the red candles on your stairs and the Santa picture is amazing...I just LOVE it!

  6. Hi Pinky, such beautiful decor. love the railing all decorated and your lovely pieces. Santa is pretty special and I adore the red candles...xo

  7. Simply Gorgeous! I love how full and lush your staircase railing is and the way you incorporated the berries/fruit. Happy Holidays!

  8. Your home looks gorgeous, Pinky! The garland is beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  9. Wonderful decorating ! Love your garland and Santas !

  10. Pinky, I am beginning to think the sun won't EVER return! We have had a 3-week stretch of sunless sky, and it's driving me a little nuts! I hope you get some soon. It makes the cold weather a little more bearable.

    Hooray for your stair railing! It looks beautiful! I know you will invent new ways year after year to decorate it. We didn't get to decorate ours this year since I have to tightly clutch the railing for support when I go up and down. By this time next year, though, I will be as good as new and ready to decorate the heck out of that sucker!!!

    I love all your Santas, but my favorite has got to be a toss up between the Kirkland's one you got at the end of the season and the one with the grapevine beard! So cool!

    Have a very happy Christmas!

  11. Oh my Pinky...your banister is exquisite!...You have decorated it so beautifully that it belongs in a Christmas showhouse!...Love the Santa..did not know they made items other than the carolers and related items...Love the candles on the steps...I can't imagine how so wonderful it is to enter your home and see the gorgeous decor!...Amazing job!

  12. Your home looks gorgeous, Pinky!! It's like a Christmas wonderland!
    Mary Alice

  13. Pinky,
    Santa made me feel right at home, dear friend!!!
    AND. . .your staircase with it's beautifully decorated banister is exquisite!!!
    Santa's throughout your home keep a cohesive festive spirit!!!

  14. Pinky,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!
    I am so glad that I came to return your visit because I loved seeing your beautiful home. I am off now to look at some of your other posts!!



Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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